Stages Of Passport Processing In Kenya [2023]

Lylyane Kim

Ever since the launch of the E-Citizen platform in 2014, Kenyans are now able to access government services at both national and county levels.

Among the services available through the E-Citizen include the application, renewal and replacement of passports.

Despite the straightforward online application process, most Kenyans are unaware of the back-office operations that ultimately influence the duration in which a passport is generated as well as the Kenya passport delay factors.

Below are some of the stages of passport processing in Kenya so that you may know when your passport is ready for collection.

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i) Draft Stage


This is the initial stage whereby the application process is not fully completed and submitted. Completion of this phase requires you to fill in the necessary basic info, make payment according to the various passport processing charges and book for an appointment for biometrics.

ii) Vetting Stage (For Select Applicants)

Vetting stage passport application

This stage is usually applicable for applicants residing along the Kenyan border areas, have previous pending criminal records or nationalities perceived to be high risk. The vetting stage is necessary for identity verification and is usually performed by the NIS or DCI

Upon successful passing of the vetting stage, applicants can proceed to book appointment by making payment.

iii) Paid Stage

Paid stage passport application

This stage occurs when all the necessary passport application payments have been made and you can now proceed and book for biometrics capture.

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iv) Submissions Stage


This stage involves the biometrics capture process whereby your application form, invoice copies (both government & customer), copies of ID card & birth certificate as well as passport photo and fingerprints are registered into the system.

During this stage, there are certain mandatory requirements that should be adhered to and failure to these may lead to passport delays which can easily be avoided through our 5 clever ways to avoid passport delays.

To know what to carry for biometrics, check out 9 basic requirements for biometrics capture process.

To find out more about the actual processes that follow after the biometrics phase, please check out our detailed article on passport processing stages after biometrics

v) Loading Stage

LOADING PASSPORT STAGE1 1This is whereby all the submitted application data and uploads are received and registered into the system ready to undergo verification

vi) Recommendation Stage (For Select Applicants)Recommendation stage in passport processing

This stage occurs when there are issues with the verification documents you provided.

vii) Approved Stage

Approved stage passport processingUpon successful verification of all submitted information and documentation, the next stage is approval to proceed for printing.

viii) Printing Stage

At this stage your passport is queued for printing.

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ix) Production Stage

PRODUCTION PASSPORT STAGE1Here is where your passport undergoes the actual physical printing process and is usually an indicator that your passport is nearly ready for collection.

x) Receiving Stage


At this stage, the passport has been printed and is ready for collection. Also, notification messages regarding collection may be sent out. It is at this stage that you can use the passport tracking number to book for collection.

Important NoticeNote: Passport tracking, booking & collection by Posta Kenya has been temporarily suspended!

Currently, there are 2 methods to track your Kenyan passport via the tracking number which includes passport tracking via Posta Kenya as well as via SMS.

In addition, there exist various problems that may be encountered when using the tracking number such as ‘number not found’ or losing the tracking number.

However, such problems can be easily fixed by checking out our in-depth articles on how to fix passport tracking number not found and how to retrieve lost passport tracking number

How To Book Passport Collection Using ecitizen

Once your passport is at the receiving stage above, you will receive an SMS notification regarding collection whereby you will be required to book for collection via your ecitizen portal and avail your ID Passport, ID and token receipt containing your tracking number

collection bookingIn addition, the Kenyan government has also provided 3 effective ways to track your passport and know when it is ready for collection.

xi) Delivery Stage

DELIVERY PASSPORT STAGE1This stage signifies that the passport has been received by the applicant.

Lylyane Kim

Lylyane Kim holds a diploma in travel & tourism management with over 10+ years experience in the field and has worked with both local and international travel agencies. She is always ready to assist on matters related to passport/visa, bookings, travel documents, itineraries etc so feel free to reach out to her on any of her social channels for assistance.

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