How To Retrieve Lost Passport Tracking Number In Kenya

A lost passport tracking number is a useless tracking number since it does not serve its intended purpose of tracking passport status along its various passport processing stages after biometrics

When applying for a new passport, you are required to initiate the passport application process via the ecitizen online platform upon registration.

Afterwards, proceed to provide the relevant details as per the appropriate sections, upload the necessary supporting documents, pay the respective passport charges and lastly book for a passport biometric capture appointment

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How To Get A Passport Tracking Number

As previously highlighted, the passport tracking number is a unique numerical identifier assigned to each passport application in Kenya that monitors its progress up until when the passport is ready for collection


The passport tracking number is usually availed through a photograph token receipt upon the completion of the biometrics capture process which involves data capture of your fingerprints and facial through a passport photo session.

To locate the actual passport tracking number, look for a 10-digit number usually listed as the top item on the list and labelled as tracking number.

Other items on the photo token include application type, passport type, passport pages, name, civil reference/ID number, e-citizen number as well as date & time for the token receipt issuance.

Once you are in possession of the passport tracking number, you can now proceed to track your passport’s progress online.


Tracking Passport Progress Using Passport Tracking Number

The passport tracking number can only be utilized on the Posta Kenya portal through which you are supposed to enter the tracking number and tap on the ‘Track My Passport’ tab to find out the progress of your passport.

tarck my passport field

To learn more about this process, check out our detailed guide on how to track passport via Posta Kenya as well as how to fix passport tracking number not found error commonly encountered while tracking your passport via Posta Kenya.

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How To Prevent Cases Of Lost Passport Tracking Number

As the common saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ meaning it is preferable to avoid an issue from arising in the first place than to have to deal with it afterwards.

Likewise, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions to avoid facing the issue of a lost passport tracking number. Such precautions may include;

i) Memorizing the passport tracking number

This simply refers to committing to memory by retaining exact pieces of information obtained through various visual and verbal memorization techniques such as;

Chunking: this refers to grouping numbers together for easier memory eg if your passport number is 1113407529 instead of taking each number individually, you can instead group them i.e triple one, three forty, seven, five, twenty nine.

ii) Writing it down

Though obvious, writing down your passport tracking number elsewhere like a notebook or diary reduces the probability of losing it.

iii) Taking a photo

In this era of smartphones, it is advisable to take a picture of the photo token receipt and upload it to any of the online storage applications such as google drive, iCloud etc

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How To Retrieve Lost Passport Tracking Number

As demonstrated above, tracking a passport using a passport tracking number is fairly easy when you are in possession of the tracking number.

However, in instances where you face a lost passport tracking number due to a variety of reasons, it may prove difficult to know the status of your passport.

Luckily, there are ways with which you can retrieve the lost passport tracking number very easily and otherwise for free.

a) Contact Immigration Department

This is the easiest way to retrieve a lost passport tracking number whereby you need to get in touch with the Immigration department either via phone, email or the available social media channels below;

Hotline: +254 110 922 065
Telephone: +254 110 923 422 / +254 110 923 423

You will then be asked for your ID number to facilitate the retrieval of your lost passport tracking number.

b) Visit Nyayo House

Another option to retrieve a lost passport tracking number is to go directly to the Immigration offices located at Nyayo house and ask for a reprint of your photo token. To do this, you are also required to submit your national ID number.

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