How To Track Passport Status Online In Kenya [2023]

Lylyane Kim

Upon completion of passport application, it is crucial to regularly track passport status online in order to stay updated in regards to the progress of your application.

By doing this, you will be able to monitor the various passport processing stages and also be aware of any potential passports delays or problems.

Besides the awareness factor, another beneficial factor to track passport status online involves convenience whereby it eliminates physical trips to the immigration offices to know the status of whether your passport is ready for collection

Another benefit is that the process is time-saving by providing an option for avoiding long queues and waiting periods at the immigration offices located at Nyayo house.

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Transparency is another advantage that helps to track passport status online in Kenya since it provides accurate and up-to-date information on your passport application without the need of third parties.

Other additional benefits revolve around accessibility whereby you can track passport status online at any time as long as you have internet access while also providing peace of mind which helps alleviate anxiety and uncertainty.

Currently, there are various ways to track passport status online in Kenya which include Posta Kenya, ecitizen and social media.

A) How To Track Passport Status Online Via Posta Kenya

Posta Kenya is a nation-wide courier service in Kenya that promotes cheap, accessible and dependable postal services to all parts of Kenya as well as money transfer services across member countries across East Africa.

In regards to passports, Posta Kenya facilitates passport tracking through collecting, sorting, and distributing printed passports to their owners.

To track passport status online via Posta Kenya, you are required to utilize the online Posta Kenya booking portal by entering your passport tracking number obtained during the biometric stage.

Depending on the progress of your passport application, your passport status check will either result in ‘tracking number not found’ error message signifying that your passport may not be ready for collection. In this case, you can check out our article on how to fix passport tracking number not found

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On the other hand if you are redirected to the booking page, it means that your passport is ready for collection therefore you can proceed to submit all your relevant information such as national ID number, full names, phone number and email address.

Also select your preferred collection date and point, make payment via MPesa using the payment details that will be provided to finalize the booking process.

B) How To Track Passport Status Online Via ecitizen

Ecitizen is a Kenyan government service portal that facilitates access to a wide range of passport-related governmental services including application, payment, appointment booking and tracking services.

To track passport status online via ecitizen, you are required to monitor the various stages of passport processing within the ecitizen platform.

For example, the draft stage signifies an incomplete application, loading stage denotes data capture into the system, submission stage involves biometric capture process.

Other passport processing stages after biometrics include the production stage which entails data verification that leads to the printing process upon approval.

Upon printing of the passport, the next phase is the receiving stage whereby the passport is ready for collection and lastly delivery stage when the passport is received by the owner.

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C) How To Track Passport Status Online Via Social Media

Another simple way to track passport status online is by simply requesting for it through the available Immigration department online platforms such as;

Facebook: @ImmigrationKenya
Twitter: @ImmigrationDept

D) How To Track Passport Status Online Via SMS

Write an SMS message containing your passport tracking number to 2032 to receive the status of your passport as either still processing or ready for collection.

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