7 Crucial Documents Required To Renew PR Card In Canada

Canada’s flexible immigration laws are among the reasons why it is often regarded as an attractive destination for foreigners looking to relocate as permanent residents by applying for a Permanent Resident (PR) Card which can only be issued subject to predefined conditions.

Should I Renew My PR Card?

Renewing your PR card should not require any second thought since failure to do so may prevent you from accessing previous privileges attached to the card such as;

Proof of legal status: this refers to evidence of your permanent resident status permitting you to operate like a Canadian citizen.

International travel: A valid PR card is essential at Canadian border points especially when re-entering into the country since it is useful in your identification and verification of status by Canadian immigration authorities.

Access to services: With a valid PR card, you are easily accommodated within the essential Canadian services such as education and healthcare reserved for permanent residents.

Employment opportunities: In order to secure employment in Canada, proof of legal authorization to work is required by employers and a valid PR card acts as a work permit.

Eligibility Requirements For PR Card Renewal

Renewing your Permanent Resident (PR) Card in Canada is not only crucial to retaining your permanent residency status but also requires adherence to specific criteria outlined by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which include;

Permanent Residency Status: To be eligible for PR Card renewal, you are required to retain your initial status as a permanent resident failure to which renewal may not be possible.

Validity Period: Only valid or expired cards not exceeding a year are acceptable for renewal.

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Residency Period: To be eligible for PR Card renewal, you must have continuously lived within Canada for at least two years during the past five years long enough to understand Canadian culture.

Immigration Issues: You must not have immigration issues against you during your application for PR Card renewal.

Absence From Canada: Supporting documentation should accompany your PR Card renewal application for significant periods spent outside Canada during the past five years.

Can I Renew My PR Card from outside Canada?

Yes. This is possible but subject to additional documentation that is required for the facilitation of travel such as the Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD)

Documents Required To Renew PR Card In Canada

The PR Card renewal process requires the submission of necessary documents to act as proof of identity, residency as well as eligibility towards your PR Card renewal application.
Some of the documents involved in the PR Card Renewal include;

Copy of Valid Passport: Since valid passports provide proof of primary identification for international travels, it is also applicable during re-entry to Canada and as such must be among the PR Card renewal documents.
For the passport, you need physical scans of both first and last pages inclusive of all the stamps for the entry and exit

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