Mobifinancehub is made up of a 5-member team

This site was created out of frustration by the lack of adequate resource material revolving around the topic of digital loans.  

Fast-forward 12 years later, the digital credit space has been flooded with hundreds of loan apps being offered by either private entities or banks and the number keeps increasing daily. 

While we to this day do occasionally seek their services, We have realized that not enough in-depth information is available to capture this market despite majority of Kenyans heavily relying on them. 

Therefore, armed with the knowledge and experience gained over the years in relation to the fintech sector, we write about personal reviews of loan apps in a bid to bridge the internet knowledge gap that is encountered by many Kenyans.

I hope you find the site resourceful enough to answer any of your queries on loan apps as well as share to your friends and family 🙂