How To Fix Passport Tracking Number Not Found In Kenya [2023]

Lylyane Kim

Passports are regarded as very vital verification documents especially since they facilitate international travels.

While acquiring one may not be necessarily easy since it undergoes some stages of passport processing before you can actually receive the physical passport.

It is within these passport processing stages that you may encounter passport delays or passport tracking number not found,that may lead to inconveniences especially if the passport is of urgency.

When it comes to passport-related matters, the ability to track your application’s progress is very crucial since it offers peace of mind and keeps you updated on the whereabouts of your valuable travel document.

In Kenya, passport application is usually an online process done via the ecitizen platform which hosts over 5,000 government services spread out over 100 ministries, counties, departments and agencies.

However, to use the ecitizen platform you will be required to create your own personal account since third-party Kenya passport applications are not allowed.

Once registered and logged into your ecitizen dashboard, you can proceed and begin your passport application process by utilizing the ‘Directorate Of Immigration Services’ menu.

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Under this menu, you will be required to fill in the necessary personal info, make payment as per the various Kenyan passport charges as well as book a passport appointment where your biometrics will be taken.

It is during the biometrics session that you will receive a passport tracking number indicated on the photo token receipt that will be useful in tracking the status of your passport and also let you know if your passport is ready for collection.

To use the Kenya passport tracking number, you are required to navigate to the Posta Kenya portal provided in the sms alert, input the passport tracking number and tap on ‘Track My Passport’

However, amidst the excitement of planning your trip, you may encounter a very familiar error message stating ‘Sorry! Tracking Number Not Found’

This common issue can cause anxiety and confusion, leaving you uncertain about the status of your passport application.

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Reasons For ‘Passport Tracking Number Not Found’ In Kenya

Despite the discouraging nature of the above error message, it is important that you understand the possible reasons behind it so as to tackle the problem effectively.

There may be several factors that may contribute to the passport tracking number not found and some of them may include;

Incorrect search query: this may be as a result of a typo while inputting the tracking number into the Posta Kenya passport tracking system.

Technical glitches: this may occur during periods of peak applications that may result in delay when updating the Posta Kenya tracking system.

Passport not printed: Another valid reason for encountering the passport tracking number not found is simply because the physical passport is yet to undergo the printing process.

Printing of the passport usually occurs at the passport production stage upon verification and approval of your submitted information.

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How To Fix ‘Passport Tracking Number Not Found’ In Kenya

By learning more about why this problem happens it may now be easy to resolve the issue and track your passport effectively. Below, let’s look at how to fix the “passport tracking number not found” problem in Kenya.

a) Verify the accuracy of the tracking number

As previously stated, “the passport tracking number not found” may come up due to a wrong digit entry or omission when inputting the 10-digit tracking number into the Posta Kenya passport tracking system.

It is therefore advised to double check that you have entered correctly each of the digits available within the passport tracking number.

b) Check Posta Kenya passport tracking system status

If the error message persists even after verifying that you have accurately entered the tracking number, you may need to check whether the system has any issues.

This can be done by attempting to use the service across multiple devices or browsers or inputting a different but valid tracking number and see whether the message persists or is different.

c) Check the passport stage via ecitizen

Despite possessing the passport tracking number, you can also track the status of your passport via the ecitizen platform by taking note of the various passport processing stages.

A passport that has already been printed and ready for collection is usually indicated as ‘Receiving’ and also sms regarding collection may be sent out to that effect.

d) Contact Immigration Department

One simple method of tracking your passport even after receiving the passport tracking number not found error is by simply contacting the Immigration department to know the status of your passport.

To do this, visit the Immigration department situated at Nyayo house or alternatively send an email to or call (+254) 110 923 422/3

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