How To Track Passport Using Tracking Number

Important NoticePassport tracking via Posta Kenya has been temporarily suspended! Please use alternative method instead.

Upon receipt of the passport tracking number, an applicant can now be able to track the status of a passport and book for collection.

To do this, the Kenyan immigration department has partnered with the Postal Corporation of Kenya to avail an online passport booking and collection portal.

To track a passport using the tracking number via the portal, simply;

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Go to the Passport booking and collection portal

Input your 10-digit tracking number

Tap on the ‘Track My Passport’ tab

Depending on the progress of the passport, you may encounter an error stating that the tracking number has not been found.

Posta portal not found2

In this scenario, it implies that the passport is not yet ready for collection and you may need to wait a little longer before retrying the process.

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On the other hand, if you are redirected to the booking page, it means that your passport is ready for collection thus you may proceed to enter the necessary KYC details such as full names, national ID number, email address, phone number, preferred collection point, payment amount and collection date.

Click on ‘Submit details’ to finalize the process.

Postal booking successful 2

Once successful, you will receive portal notification confirming the same as well as SMS detailing the payment and booking details.

If the confirmation SMS is not received, confirm that the payment details such as paybill and account number are accurate.

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In the event of inaccuracy, you can send an email to for assistance.

Author: Lylyane Kim
Lylyane Kim holds a diploma in travel & tourism management with over 10+ years experience in the field and has worked with both local and international travel agencies. She is always ready to assist on matters related to passport/visa, bookings, travel documents, itineraries etc so feel free to reach out to her on any of her social channels for assistance.