How To Pay CRB Clearance Fee In 2023

How To Pay CRB Clearance Fee

If you happen to be a loan defaulter for a period of 90 days, chances are that you have already been blacklisted by either of the Credit Reference Bureaus in Kenya

While being blacklisted may prevent one from accessing future loans from financial institutions, it also hinders progression when it comes to job applications as well as tendering processes.

Therefore to be on the safe side, a defaulter needs to clear the outstanding loans as soon as possible in-order to maintain a positive credit record and in instances whereby evidence is required as mentioned above, a clearance certificate is sufficient.

In our previous articles, we have highlighted how to check one’s CRB status and also how to apply for a CRB Clearance certificate.

In this article, we will focus only on the payment details required to receive a clearance certificate from either of the credit reference bureaus in Kenya.

As you may already know, the standard fee for a CRB Clearance certificate in Kenya is Ksh2,200.

Below are the paybill numbers you can use to pay for CRB Clearance fee via Mpesa for the three licensed bureaus.


Paybill number: 186644

Account number: your ID number


Paybill number: 212121

Account number: your ID number

Credit info

Paybill number:

Account number: your ID number

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