Simple Hack To Load KPLC Tokens Using Different Meter [Tried & Tested]

With the majority of Kenyan households abandoning KPLC postpaid system in favor of KPLC tokens, the management of electricity consumption is now simplified.

Gone are the days of near panic attacks upon receipt of your monthly electric bill whereby you would only rely on the meter readers to accurately measure your energy consumption and bill you based on that.

Nowadays, you only have to monitor your token unit usage to make the necessary adjustments to minimize your consumption rate or alternatively have the option to purchase tokens equivalent to your budget.

While these are some of the benefits associated with the prepaid system, there are also downsides to it such as frequent token delays, bypass errors, connection errors, tokens not loading etc

Luckily, most of the above shortcomings are easily be manageable without the need for any advanced technical expertise.

Picture this, it is 8.00pm and you are busy cooking dinner when it suddenly gets pitch dark with the all too familiar token beeping sound piercing through the darkness.

Slightly inconvenienced, you temporarily abandon your chef duties, grope through the darkness for your phone and manage to purchase additional token units.

When you try to input the token units to your meter, there is no response. You verify the token details and proceed to make several attempts at entering the digits but you are still met with no response!

To make matters worse, you gradually begin to catch the smell of ‘burnt offerings’ emanating from your kitchen…… In this scenario, what would you do???

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Well…. you do not have to answer that because we have a simple hack whereby you can input KPLC tokens using a different meter in the event that yours has a malfunction and to do this, simply follow the below steps.

1. Purchase Your KPLC Tokens

Using the applicable channels, buy your token units as usual using the official KPLC prepaid paybill number 888880 or use other alternative KPLC paybill numbers

2. Identify Meter Sharing Same Phase

You can achieve this by approaching your next door neighbor or anyone within the same floor as you.

3. Input Pairing Code

A pairing code refers to a code which is used to establish a connection between the CIU and the prepaid meter system in-order to link the CIU to a specific meter or account.

In this case, the pairing code will be 59698686

4. Input Your Meter Number

After entering the pairing code, proceed to also enter your meter number. The purpose of doing so is to block the neighbor’s account number from receiving your purchased tokens.

5. Enter Your Purchased Token Digits

Proceed and key in the token digits you purchased earlier. If successful, your lights should be back on after doing this.

6. Re-Input Pairing Code

Once again input the pairing code 59698686

7. Input Neighbor’s Meter Number

After entering the pairing code, proceed to also enter the neighbor’s account number. The purpose of doing so is to block your account from receiving tokens purchased by your neighbor.

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