KPLC Meter Not Loading Tokens Fixed In 5 Easy Steps [2023]


Kplc meter not loading tokens is one of the most frustrating issues faced by the majority of Kplc prepaid customers in Kenya alongside Kplc token delays, Kplc meter bypass errors, Kplc meter connection issues among others.

Despite this, prepaid meters are still the most widely adopted in Kenya due to their various beneficial aspects in terms of effective energy consumption management through control of energy usage and expenditure budgeting in-order to avoid unexpected high bills.

Prepaid meters function through electricity tokens purchased via the official Kplc prepaid paybill number 888880 or alternative Kplc paybill numbers which are then fed into the appropriate CIU containing your Kplc account number to establish electricity connection.

However, there are instances whereby you may encounter your Kplc meter not loading tokens thereby causing inconveniences due to disruption of electricity supply.

Why Is Your Kplc Meter Not Loading Tokens?

Before you decide to panic upon experiencing the above issue, it is often vital to establish the possible reasons that may have led to your Kplc meter not loading tokens.

Some of these reasons may include;

Malfunctioning communication module

Connectivity problems might arise if the meter’s communication module isn’t operating properly. Technical issues or faults might prevent the communication module from establishing a dependable connection with the network.

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Such problems might result from physical defects, software errors or possible outdated firmware.

Network Signal Is Weak or Unstable

The token meter may frequently experience connectivity issues with the KPLC systems if the local network signal is weak or unstable due to obstacles, network congestion, or distance from the power grid.

Network signal strength and stability are crucial in establishing a reliable connection for the token meter.

Misconfiguration or improperly set up meter

If the meter is not properly configured or registered with the KPLC systems, it may not be able to load tokens.

Incorrect wiring or inadequate communication module installation might also cause connection issues, which may result in the Kplc meter not loading tokens.

Power Supply Issues

When using direct electricity, the prepaid meter’s power supply may be insufficient, which may interfere with connectivity; however, if the prepaid meter uses batteries, the batteries may be depleted, which may result in the Kplc meter not loading tokens.

Faulty Meter Components

A section of the prepaid meters currently in use may possess quality and technical integrity concerns that may affect normal functionality thus leading to Kplc meter not loading tokens occasioned by increased importation of counterfeit goods into the country.

Incorrect Token Input

Another possible scenario for your Kplc meter not loading tokens issue may be due to the token digits being incorrectly fed into the CIU either through omission or interchanging of digits.

Wrong Meter/Account Number

Sometimes, the Kplc meter not loading tokens problem may be as a result of token purchase to the wrong account number.

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How To Fix Kplc Meter Not Loading Tokens

After determining the cause for your Kplc meter not loading tokens error, you may be able to diagnose and resolve it using any of the suggestions listed below.

Reboot the prepaid meter

Rebooting refers to turning a device on or off so as to sort out a possible malfunction.

In the case of prepaid meters, this can be achieved by simply removing the batteries from the CIU, disconnecting the CIU cable/adapter from the CIU, or turning off the power supply from the main meter box.

Strengthen the network signal

This can be done by relocating the CIU closer to the meter box to establish a better network connection.

Check the wiring and connections.

Verify that the CIU cable is correctly and firmly linked to the token meter and is not damaged in any way that may lead to it not functioning properly.

Ensure availability of sufficient power

Make sure the batteries are not completely discharged if utilizing batteries. Rechargeable or powerful batteries are both options for this. Also, by connecting the CIU directly to a wall socket rather than using an extension power cable, you can verify that there is enough power.

Verify token digits during input

Make sure to precisely input each digit while entering the purchased tokens into the CIU.

Verify your Kplc account number

When purchasing Kplc tokens, you are required to enter your account number. If you are unsure about your account number, you can easily retrieve it by dialing the specific code relevant to your meter type as highlighted below

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– Dial 804 then press enter for Hexing meters
– Dial 100 then press enter for Conlog meters
– Dial 65 then press enter for Shenzhen meters

Reset the meter

Resetting refers to changing to a default state in-order to fix a malfunction. Various prepaid meters offer different codes with which to perform a reset.

Contact certified electrician

If neither of the above options resolve the Kplc meter not loading tokens issue, you may proceed to seek the services of a qualified electrician to fix the problem.

Contact Kplc

The last resort may be to contact Kenya power directly in-order to fix the Kplc meter not loading tokens issue. To do this, you can reach out to them using any of the below communication channels.

Tel: +254 203 20 1000 /0703 070 707 / 0732 170 170.
Facebook: @KenyaPowerLtd
Twitter: @ KenyaPower_Care
Instagram: @kenyapower


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