How To Fix KPLC Token Meter Not Connecting – ConFail/Connect Error [2023]


In Kenya, KPLC token meter not connecting is a common scenario especially since electricity consumption is majorly implemented through a prepaid token system whereby consumers purchase and load tokens to a prepaid meter in order to activate and utilize electricity.

The Kplc prepaid token system is beneficial in terms of electricity consumption management and convenience in payment whereby there are no physical visits to Kenya power offices as long as there is efficient connectivity.

Connectivity plays a major role in the proper functioning of the prepaid token system in terms of communication with the Kplc systems in regards to token validation, credit balance updates as well as usage date.

Failure to which, may result in power disruption due to a variety of Kplc meter related issues such as blank screen, bypass error, plc error, connection fail error, negative digit error among others.

Therefore, prompt resolution of the above Kplc prepaid meter connectivity problems ensures uninterrupted power supply unless there are system-related issues such as Kenya power token delays upon purchasing token units via the official Kplc prepaid paybill number 888880 or alternative kplc paybill numbers

Whereas, unusual power outages can be directly reported to Kplc for resolution.

One of the commonly encountered Kplc prepaid meter related connectivity issues is the Kplc token meter not connecting or ‘ConFail/Connect error’.

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Why Your KPLC Token Meter Not Connecting

There are several reasons why you may encounter the above error message when inputting token units into your prepaid meter. Such include;

Issues with the Meter’s Communication Module

When the meter’s communication module is malfunctioning, connectivity issues may develop.

The communication module could experience technical difficulties or flaws that prohibit it from establishing a reliable connection with the network.

Such issues might be brought on by physical damage, programming errors, or out-of-date firmware.

Weak or Unstable Network Signal

Network signal’s strength and stability are critical in creating a reliable connection for the token meter whereby it may have trouble connecting to the KPLC systems frequently if the local network signal is poor or inconsistent due to obstructions, network congestion or distance from the power grid.

Incorrect Meter Configuration or Setup

The meter may be unable to connect if it is not correctly set or registered with the KPLC systems.

Additionally, connection problems might result from improper wiring or poor communication module installation thus resulting in Kplc token meter not connecting.

Low Power Supply

Prepaid meters in Kenya can either be powered directly via electricity or through the use of batteries.

In instances of direct electricity, the power being supplied to the prepaid meter may be too low thus hindering connectivity whereas if the meter relies on batteries, they may be drained thus resulting in Kplc token meter not connecting.

Faulty/Substandard Meter Components

Due to the rising cases of counterfeit products being imported into the country, a section of the prepaid meter being used may have quality and technical integrity issues that may affect connectivity leading to the Kplc token meter not connecting.

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How To Fix KPLC Token Meter Not Connecting Issue

Upon establishing the causes of your Kplc token meter not connecting or connection failed error issue, it may now be easier to troubleshoot and fix it through any of the below methods.

Power Cycle the prepaid meter

Power cycling is the process of disconnecting a device from its power supply and then turning it back on to correct a malfunction problem.

Since Kplc prepaid meters do not come equipped with physical on/off buttons, power cycling them can be achieved by either turning off the power supply from the main meter box, detaching the CIU cable/adapter from the CIU or removing the batteries from the CIU.

Wait for at least 30-60 seconds before turning it back on and confirm if the issue is still persistent or resolved.

Improve the network signal strength

This can be achieved by physically relocating the CIU to a central location or nearer the main meter box.

Alternatively, you can also attempt plugging the CIU at a neighbor with a similar electricity connection phase as yours

Ensure proper wiring and connections

Check that the token meter and any other external devices, such as CIU cable are correctly connected to the communication module. Ensure that all wires and connectors are plugged in firmly and are in good condition.

Ensure availability of sufficient power

If using batteries, ensure that the batteries are not drained. You can opt to use heavy-duty or rechargeable batteries for this.

Another way to confirm adequate power is by directly plugging the CIU to a wall socket without the use of an extension power cable.

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Verify Your Meter Number

To confirm your Kplc prepaid meter number, simply use any of the below methods depending on your meter type ie.

  • Hexing meter: dial 804 and press enter
  • Conlog meter: dial 100 and press enter
  • Shenzhen meter: dial 65 and press enter

This action will confirm if your meter is valid and directly connected to the Kplc systems.

Request KPLC tamper code

A tamper code is a numerical code that is used to clear a prepaid token meter to its default state in case of a malfunction or tampering.

To fix meter not connecting or Connection failed by using the tamper code simply, press 59698686 followed by your Kplc meter number

If successful, proceed and input the additional numbers 1275 4194 1448 6450 5970 then press enter

Contact qualified electrician or Kplc

If none of the above methods resolve the connection failed issue, you can proceed and contact the Kplc team via any of their contact details below;

National Contact Centre. 97771
USSD *977#
Tel: +254 203 20 1000 /0703 070 707 / 0732 170 170.
Facebook: @KenyaPowerLtd
Twitter: @ KenyaPower_Care
Instagram: @kenyapower


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