Remove ByPass In KPLC Token Meter In 4 Simple Ways [2023]


One of the most often sought solutions to Kplc-related issues in Kenya, is how to remove bypass in Kplc token meter alongside  Kplc token delays and token meter not connecting concerns.

Bypassing refers to the illegal act of tampering with or altering KPLC token meters in a way that enables customers to consume power without either purchasing tokens or it being correctly recorded.

Several techniques may be used to bypass Kplc meter, including rewiring or manipulating it, utilizing external devices to redirect power, or tampering with the communication module.

Bypassing a Kplc meter allows users to avoid paying for electricity consumption resulting in losses for the already debt-ridden Kenya Power company.

Meter bypass prevention is therefore crucial to Kenya power in regards to maintaining the reliability of the token meter system by ensuring that electricity consumption is effectively billed.

Through this, Kplc can be able to sustain its operations by investing in additional infrastructure in the provision of reliable electricity services.

What Causes Bypass Error In Kplc Token Meters

There exist various meter bypassing methods that affect different areas of the prepaid meter. Some common methods include;

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Physical tampering

This method may involve physical alteration of the meter such as rerouting electricity through seal breaking, rewiring connections or bypassing internal components.

A common method for physical tampering involves a technique referred to as bridging.

Bridging involves connecting a thick length of copper wire between the terminals of the meter resulting in electricity consumption not being registered to the meter.

External device attachments

This technique involves attaching external devices such as magnets in order to interfere with the normal internal functioning of the Kplc meter.

Software tampering

This procedure entails use of illegal software adjustments to the meter’s firmware or communication module for data manipulation.

How To Detect A ByPass In Your Kplc Meter

Currently, there are two ways to detect a bypass issue with your Kplc meter depending on its model type.

  1. Bypass error display: Some Kplc meters actually display the error message ‘Bypass’ on its CIU screen to notify users regarding the issue.
  2. Draining of token units: Prepaid meters that do not display the ‘bypass’ error message usually signal the bypass issue by rapidly utilizing the token units fed to the meter.

For example, if your household normally consumes 9 units in 7 days, when encountering a bypass, the 9 units may be depleted within 2 days despite any additional appliance.

Consequences Of Bypassing Kplc token meters

Bypassing meters usually bears a negative impact on both Kplc as well as the consumer. Below are some of the consequences related to bypassing meters.

Loss of revenue: For Kenya power, meter tampering may result in revenue decline since the electricity consumption is not effectively being billed.

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Loss of electricity connection: Bypass errors may lead to power outages due to the meter automatically disabling upon detection of a suspicious connection.

High token consumption: As stated earlier, high token consumption may be as a result of meter bypass issues.

Meter blocking: Once unauthorized bypass is detected, Kenya power may block your meter from accepting tokens until the issue is resolved.

How To Remove Bypass In KPLC Token Meter

Depending on the type of tampering, there are various methods with which you can use to remove bypass in Kplc token meter.

Power cycle the meter

Power cycling refers to the process of removing a gadget from its power source and then reconnecting it to fix an error.

Because Kplc prepaid meters lack physical on/off buttons, power cycling them requires either shutting off the power supply from the main meter box, disconnecting the CIU cable/adapter from the CIU, or removing the batteries from the CIU.

Wait at least 30-60 seconds before turning it back on to see if you have succeeded to remove bypass in Kplc token meter.

Check your wiring connection

Improper wiring is one of the common causes of bypass errors in prepaid meters. Ensure that all the crucial wires are correctly positioned and are not intertwined such that the neutral wire is not earthed or is not shared with any other meter.

To verify this, you may need to seek the services of a qualified electrician in-order to remove bypass in Kplc token meter.

Request for tamper code

A tamper code is a numerical code that is used to reset a prepaid token meter to its original state in the event of a malfunction or tampering.

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Tamper codes are usually provided by Kenya Power and can be issued remotely to the affected user to be keyed into the bypassed meter so as to remove bypass in Kplc token meter.

However, when feeding the code ensure that the CIU (the device for loading the token) is linked to the power cable, and that the cable is attached to the wall socket rather than the extension cord.

The tamper code can be requested using a variety of channels including;

Phone: 0703 070 707 / 0732 170 170
Facebook: @KenyaPowerLtd
Twitter: @ KenyaPower_Care
Instagram: @kenyapower

Visit Kenya Power offices

Depending on the complexity of the issue, the customer may be required to seek further assistance by going to the Kenya Power offices in-order to remove bypass in Kplc token meter.


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