How To Report Power Outage/Failure To KPLC [2023]

how to report kplc power outage

According to statistics, about 75% of Kenyans are connected to the national grid as at 2018. This number has since increased due to various electrification projects carried out over the years.

Despite such efforts, there are usually instances and areas which experience power outages or failures due to one reason or the other.

In case you experience any power outages (unless a planned power interruption ) you can use the below avenues to report.

Report Kplc power outage via Ussd

How To Report Power Outage Via *977#

1. Dial *977# 

2. Select option 4: Report incidences

3. Select option 1: Power outage

4. Select option 1: Prepaid

5. On the next menu you will be required to select a meter. If unavailable you can proceed and add a new meter number.

6. The next menu will require you to select the cause of the outage.7. Once done, you will receive a complaint number.

Report Kplc power outage via Kplc app

How To Report Power Outage Via MyPower App

1. Download and install the Kplc Power app from the Playstore

2. Launch the app and click on Report power failure tab

3. On the next screen, you will be required to submit details regarding:

  • Your Account reference/Meter number
  • Phone number
  • Scope – refers to the establishment in which the power failure has occurred i.e house, hospital, estate, hotel, airport, club, bank or flat.
  • Nature of the complaint – No supply, irregular supply, short circuit, lines on the ground, fire, other dangers, electric shocks in the house, low voltage, meter damage, tree branches on power line or faulty transformer.
  • Description/location details.
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4. Once the above information has been input, click on Send.

5. You will receive a pop- up text requiring you to confirm the power failure report.

6. If not sure, click on Cancel, If you are sure, click on Accept.

7. On successful submission of the report, you will receive a complaint number.

Report Kplc power outage via social media

There is a popular phrase that states that the internet is the most powerful tool when it comes to communication and as such, one may decide to use Kplc social media to report a power failure. 

Below are the official social media channels to contact Kplc

  • Facebook @KenyaPowerLtd
  • Twitter @ KenyaPower_Care
  • Instagram @kenyapower


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