How Tala could be secretly spying on you!

Mobile money lenders are the new shylocks in town due to their ease of dispensing cash to desperate money seekers without the necessity of formal documents or signatories.

Some may see this as a blessing but there is always a ‘catch’ behind every disbursed loan. First of all, there are certain pre-requisites you must fulfill i.e be of a certain age, frequency in using mobile money etc

In this post, we shall focus on the Tala loan app. One of the conditions for eligibility is of course to download and install the app to your android phone.

If you haven’t yet registered with their service, you can download the app here

Once installed, there are certain permissions you MUST enable before you can be considered for a loan. These permissions are the basis for this post.

These permissions includes access to your:

screenshot 2019 05 07 12 08 48 308

  1. Calendar

  2. Camera

  3. Contacts

  4. Location

  5. Phone

  6. SMS

  7. Storage

A more detailed view of the permissions access can be viewed below.

screenshot 2019 05 07 12 04 49 433

screenshot 2019 05 07 12 05 13 325

You however have the option of disabling the above options but then again, you run the risk of being denied a loan.

The choice is therefore left to you!


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