Codes To Increase Fuliza Limit, Do They Really Exist? – 2023

Codes to increase fuliza limit are some of the most widely promoted services especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram and Tiktok.

This is nothing unusual considering that the Fuliza service launched through the partnership of Safaricom and NCBA in January 2019 has managed to add 17 million customers to its subscriber base as of December 2022.

By functionality, Fuliza operates as an overdraft service that facilitates the completion of transactions initiated via the Lipa Na MPesa or Buy Goods options in the event of insufficient funds within your MPesa wallet.

Besides the merchant options above, Fuliza also covers airtime purchases, individual money transfers as well as withdrawals at MPesa agents.

To become eligible and utilize the fuliza service is as simple as holding an active MPesa subscription then dialing the fuliza code *234# then opting into the service.

Depending on a variety of factors such as your frequency of using both Safaricom and MPesa services, transaction history as well as creditworthiness, you may be assigned an initial limit reflecting your financial behaviour.

However, the initial fuliza limit may not always be adequate to cover financial demands, thus increasing the fuliza limit may become a viable option especially for individuals who frequently rely on the service.

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Reasons To Increase Fuliza Limit

There are various reasons why users may opt for a Fuliza limit increase. Some of these include;

Higher financial needs: Users who often use Fuliza for various transactions may realize that their initial limit is insufficient to satisfy their financial needs.

Increased transaction volumes: Users who do larger transactions or several transactions in a short period of time may easily surpass their original fuliza limit.

Emergency: Users may need a larger fuliza limit in instances of unexpected financial emergencies.

How To Increase Fuliza Limit

Currently, there exists two methods with which you can utilize to increase fuliza limit and they include;

A) Recommended Ways To Increase Fuliza Limit

These are methods that are endorsed by Safaricom for fuliza subscribers to increase fuliza limit.

i. Frequently Use Fuliza

Constant use of the fuliza service builds credibility within the fuliza systems which in turn translates to creditworthiness that results in higher fuliza limits.

ii. Increase Your Usage of Safaricom and MPesa Services

By frequently making MPesa related transactions such as merchant payments, sending money, airtime purchases etc, you demonstrate your financial capabilities that may lead to future higher fuliza limits.

iii. Timely Fuliza Repayments

By paying your fuliza balances on time, you gradually build a positive credit history that ultimately contributes to your overall creditworthiness which may increase chances of higher fuliza limits.

iv. Possess A Positive CRB Rating

This refers to having no outstanding loans with Fuliza or other lenders that may result in being blacklisted by any of the Credit Reference Bureaus in Kenya.

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B) Alternative Ways To Increase Fuliza Limit

Besides the methods highlighted above, there exists other unofficial techniques or ‘hacks’ to increase fuliza limit.

These methods may offer a 50/50 success rate when implemented and therefore should be attempted at your own risk.

i. Opt-Out, Opt-In fuliza hack

This technique requires users to opt out of fuliza service either via the MySafaricom App, MPesa app or fuliza codes *234# ,*100#, *334#, *456# then opt back in via the same means.

Successful limit increases achieved via this fuliza limit increase hack are usually random and may increase up to ten-fold your initial fuliza limit.

On the other hand, if your fuliza limit is reduced to zero, you can check out our detailed article on how to restore your fuliza limit.

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Codes To Increase Fuliza Limit, Do They Exist?

Recently, there has been a scam going around in relation to the availability of codes to increase fuliza limit narrated by one facebook user within a popular mobile loans facebook group which discusses a variety of loan app related issues in Kenya including new loan apps, loan related scams, earning money online etc


Below are some of the details regarding the codes to increase fuliza limit scam.

The scam involves receiving a call from ‘Safaricom’ regarding a new system that allows fuliza users to access higher limits even if they are blacklisted by CRB.

However, it requires a fuliza code that they will send to your number for the service to be activated within their ‘fuliza systems’.

They will then ask you to read back the fuliza code to them since they cannot access it due to its automatic generation by the fuliza systems.

Once you read out the fuliza code to them, they immediately hang up then proceed to engage your phone with persistent calls so that you are unable to use it.

Meanwhile, they will utilize this opportunity to remotely access your MPesa account and transfer any funds within it.

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