Where Is LionCash?


Where Is LionCash

Mayday! Mayday! Man down! I repeat, Man down!

Of-late, lioncash has been conspicuously missing for quite sometime at the Google playstore.

Users of the loan app were shocked to find the below error message when they clicked on links that earlier directed to the lender’s app on the Google playstore.

Error Message

This has raised suspicion from users with some insinuating that the lender was removed by Google due to low ratings.

Some rumored that it was a victim of COVID-19 whereby its business model could not sustain itself due to high default rates compared to investment capital.

What is indeed factual is that before its disappearance, the loan app had garnered more than 100K+ downloads. It offered a minimum loan of Ksh500 to a maximum of Ksh70,000 for the pilot phase that would increase up to Ksh500,000

With no official word from the lender regarding its absence from the playstore, users are left wondering about the fate of the lender.




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