How To Find Passport Tracking Number In 2023

Lylyane Kim

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The passport tracking number is a 10-digit number obtained upon finalization of the biometrics capture process. The number is useful since it helps in tracking the status of a passport for collection purposes.

The passport tracking number can be found on the photograph token receipt and it is usually the very first item on the receipt.

Other contents of the receipt include the applicant’s additional details such as;

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i) Application Type: this section entails the reason for making the passport application such as new/first time applications, reprint replacements, change of passport particulars, mutilated passports, lost passports and passport renewals

ii) Passport Type: this section entails whether the passport application is for an ordinary or diplomatic passport.

iii) Passport Page: this refers to the number of pages of the applicant’s passport. Currently, there are options of 3 passport varieties including; 34-page ( Series A), 50-page ( Series B) and 66-page ( Series C)

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iv) Name: this is basically your name.

v) Civil Reference Number: this is basically your national ID number.

vi) E-Citizen Number: this is a unique identifier generated during the passport application process via e-citizen. Each individual application will generate a different e-citizen number.

vii) Issuance Date and Time: signifies the date and time when the token receipt was generated.

Lylyane Kim

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