Stages Of Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate Of Good Conduct) In Kenya 2023


Identity verification in Kenya is a crucial security measure that helps in the prevention of risk-related issues such as identity theft or fraud.

As such, its implementation is widely focused around areas relating to on-boarding processes such as during registration/applications procedures.

For instance the financial sector, there exists a mandatory background check refered to as Know Your Customer(KYC) aimed at ensuring that an individual is actually who they claim to be.

The KYC process generally involves the submission of government-issued verification documents such as a national ID card or passports to act as proof of identity..

However, there are some instances whereby verification may extend beyond just identity but also character and integrity. In this scenario, an additional document referred to as a police clearance certificate is required.

A Police Clearance Certificate also known as Certificate of Good Conduct is an official document typically issued to Kenyan residents.

In addition, it is also availed to Kenyans residing in foreign countries, foreign citizens (who are not aliens or refugees in Kenya) and foreign citizens (who are aliens and refugees in Kenya) by the DCI in Kenya that provides insight into an individual’s criminal history or lack thereof.

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Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Kenya is a fairly simple and clear process which requires you to;

  1. Create an ecitizen account : ecitizen refers to a digital platform whereby all the Kenyan government services are consolidated for easier application and tracking purposes by the relevant applicants.
  2. State the intended ownership of the Police Clearance Certificate
  3. Choose your convenient location to have your biometrics taken
  4. Make payment via the approved payment channels
  5. Download the documents required for Police Clearance Certificate
  6. Personally attend the fingerprinting process at your previously chosen venue
  7. Wait a few weeks for the Police Clearance Certificate to be processed
  8. Once processed, download your Police Clearance Certificate from your ecitizen account

Despite the straightforward process highlighted above, obtaining your PCC may take a few weeks or even months depending on the magnitude of applications that require intensive background checks in regards to an applicant’s criminal history.

Therefore, to keep track of the status of your Police Clearance Certificate, you will need to identify and understand the various stages related to your PCC application using your ecitizen account.

Stages of Police Clearance Certificate In Kenya

Similar to the passport processing stages in Kenya, tracking the status of your Police Clearance Certificate provides visibility that may help you gauge the timeframe with which to expect the PCC or rectify any anomalies encountered during the processes.

Below are some of the stages involved to assist you know when your Police Clearance Certificate is ready for download

1. Draft Stage


This refers to the initial phase prior to payment whereby the application is not yet completed for submission.

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It is typically the stage where you are required to fill in the online form in terms of intended ownership as well as choose a location for biometrics from the list of available options depending on your region.

2. Submitted Stage


This implies to the stage whereby the online form is filled, biometrics location set, payment made via the appropriate payment methods provided and application submitted.

3. Queued Stage


This step occurs when the biometrics phase has been completed in terms of physically availing yourself at your fingerprinting location set earlier.

During the fingerprinting session, you are expected to avail the necessary supporting documents needed to facilitate the process.

In the event that your application is stuck at this stage for more than a month, it is advisable to go for a retake of your biometrics preferably at the DCI headquarters located at Kiambu Road at no extra cost.

4. Processing Stage


This stage is where your Police Clearance Certificate is nearing completion and all the relevant background checks have been completed and updated.

5. Certificate Generated Stage


This represents the final stage in which your PCC is now ready for download via the ecitizen portal. It is also at this point that you may receive an SMS notifying you of the same.


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