How To Download Police Clearance Certificate (Certficate Of Good Conduct ) In Kenya 2023


In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, the availability of online options for obtaining crucial documents is a widely adopted global trend that allows applicants to conveniently access such essential services within the comfort of their homes.

As such, Kenya has not been left behind on that trend owing to its inclination of digitizing all government services through its digital platform commonly known as ecitizen which unifies all government records across 100+ ministries, counties, departments and agencies.

Through the implementation of the ecitizen platform, the Kenyan government as well as its citizens are able to enjoy some of its benefits which include;

  1. Efficiency and time saving: ecitizen eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and manual processes as well as reduction of congestion and wait times observed when visiting physical offices
  2. Cost reduction: ecitizen lowers the administrative costs related to handling and processing paper-based applications and records.

  3. Enhanced accessibility: this refers to the ability to access the ecitizen service anytime and anywhere.

  4. Improved transparency: Through ecitizen, applicants can search, apply, pay for services online, track the status of their applications without the need of third parties thus promoting accountability and trust in government processes.

  5. Data security: Through the use of advanced security protocols, ecitizen reduces the risk of data breaches which aims to protect sensitive data.

  6. Theft reduction: ecitizen maintains an audit trail of all financial transactions done within the platform thereby making it harder for individuals to steal public funds.

  7. Environmental sustainability: ecitizen contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for paper-based processes.

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The above benefits collectively illustrate the transformative power of digitizing government services by enhancing efficiency, transparency, accessibility and security while also contributing to sustainability and global competitiveness.

Among the services offered through the ecitizen platform include; passport applications, birth certificate applications, marriage certificate applications, business registrations, police clearance certificate applications etc

However, in this article we will mainly focus on how to download the Police Clearance Certificate after it has undergone all of the stages of the Police Clearance Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate a.k.a Certificate of good conduct is an official document issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya that provides a background history in relation to an individual’s criminal record status.

As such, it is normally useful in scenarios relating to employment, immigration, adoption, legal proceedings, and other scenarios where an individual’s background check is required.

Police Clearance Certificate Application Process

Obtaining a PCC online requires you to first create a personal ecitizen account which will be used to make the application.

Upon successful account creation, you are required to use the Directorate of Criminal Investigations menu to access the Police Clearance Certificate option then proceed to start the application process.

The single query within the application seeks to understand the intended ownership of the document while the next item requires you to select your preferred location for the fingerprinting process.

Note: There is no option to book for fingerprinting since it is solely based on your availability.

Afterwards, you are required to make payment using any of the provided payment channels then proceed to download the supporting documents needed for the biometrics.

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Upon your convenience, make your way to the chosen location, submit your fingerprints then wait a few weeks for the Police Clearance Certificate to be processed.

In the meantime, you can track its process via ecitizen through the stages of the Police Clearance Certificate to know when it is processed.

Otherwise, you will receive an SMS notification once it is ready for download

How To Download Police Clearance Certificate In Kenya

To download the Police Clearance Certificate, login to your ecitizen account and located under the recent applications, click on the reference number linked to the final stage ‘Certificate Generated’


You will subsequently be directed to the Downloads section whereby you will have the option to either ‘Download’ or ‘Print’ your Police Clearance Certificate.

Click on the ‘Download’ option then save it to your storage device.


Depending on an individual’s criminal history or lack thereof, additional remarks will be added as shown below.

a) Police Clearance Certificate Showing Criminal Record (Sample)PCC horz

b) Police Clearance Certificate Without Criminal Record (Sample)P4


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