Stages Of Helb Loan Disbursement (Check Your Helb Loan Status Online 2023/24)


Chances are that majority of students currently enrolled within the Kenyan TVET Colleges and Universities [Public and Private] are under government funding in terms of either loans, scholarships or both via the Helb programme.

Launched in 1995 by an Act of Parliament, Helb has over the decades fulfilled the dreams of needy students in pursuit of higher education up until it gradually began to face challenges attributed primarily to massive enrollment and inadequate funding.

As a result, in a bid to mitigate such limitations, a new funding model dubbed NFM was unveiled in May 2023 that bears a more student-centered approach based upon a reliable scientific method refered to as Means Testing Instrument (MTI)

With this new model, student funding gaps are addressed such that all eligible Kenyan students are provided with adequate and timely education financial support based on their level of need and programme cost.

Consequently, previously undertaken operations in relation to Helb loan applications, allocation and fund disbursement have been substituted in favor of more efficient and robust procedures that supplement this new model.

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Upon submission of your helb application, there exist other internal stages that have to be completed before you can finally receive your funds either via bank account or M-Pesa depending on your selection during application.

Below are what each HELB loan stage means;

1. Registered

This stage takes place after your application account details have been successfully registered in the HELB portal.

2. Verified

This stage signifies that all your submitted information has been successfully confirmed to be accurate. It is also at this phase that your loan application may be approved.

3. Allocated

Once approved, an appropriate loan amount will be assigned to you based on your level of need in consideration to the cost of your enrolled course.

4. Disbursement In Progress

This status indicates that a payment document has been created but has not been sent for processing.

5. Disbursed

This phase implies that payment has been initiated pending release of the funds albeit in batches whereby you will receive a batch number for each allocated amount.

6. Paid

This stage signifies that the funds have been released to your account.

7. Deferred

This occurs primarily due to limited funds whereby your application may not be able to funded by Helb.

8. Partially Disbursed

This happens on occasions whereby payment has been done in installments.

9. Fully Disbursed

This indicates that payment has been made in full.


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