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[Solved] Helb Status Stuck On ‘Allocated’ Without Batch Number

The term Helb usually resonates effortlessly with the underprivileged Kenyan students whereby majority can attest that at some point in their academic pursuits to have attempted to seek/gained funding from the government entity tasked with providing loans and scholarships to qualified applicants.

While funding may not be automatically guaranteed especially for applicants who do not meet the set requirements of being admitted to private/public universities/approved TVET institutions either via government/self sponsorship, Helb ensures fair funds allocation to those who qualify.

By using the Means Testing Instrument (MTI), allocation for both loans and scholarship are done based on the level of need derived from submitted information.

However before allocation can be done, an application must be made by the applicant within the relevant time-frames as shown below lest you risk your application not going through thus having to wait for the next application window to open in-order to submit a new one.

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The application process is simple and involves the six steps listed below;

  1. Register & login in to the Helb portal
  2. Fill in your profile then upload the necessary documents
  3. Select your preferred funding option i.e scholarship/loan or both
  4. Submit your application
  5. Download scholarship/loan award letter
  6. Wait for funds disbursement

While the above procedure is fairly straightforward, the real setback occurs during the Helb loan disbursement stages which may take upto 3 months before actually receiving the funds.

One of the most notorious stages that causes anxiety among majority of Helb applicants is the ‘Allocated’ stage.

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This stage occurs immediately upon completion of the verification phase and it involves funds being allocated based on your level of need derived from your submitted information during application.

It is also at this stage that a batch number is also assigned along side the allocated funds. A batch number refers to a numerical value that is used for tracking disbursement of funds generally done in batches.

Consequently, the presence of a batch number offers confidence of progression whereby the allocated funds may soon be disbursed and ultimately paid to your account for withdrawal.

On the other hand, prolonged stagnation at the allocated stage in addition to the absence of a batch number may necessitate a point of concern to many applicants.

However, this should not be the case since it may sometimes be a normal occurrence occasioned by delays dependent on your application category and submitted details such as;

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  1. Bank details: Ensure that you accurately share relevant bank details during application. Some instances are caused by sharing institutional bank details instead of personal bank information.
  2. Sponsorship status: Allocated funds may be assigned methodically depending on sponsorship status i.e government/self-sponsored whereby either may be prioritized over the other.
  3. Institution: Allocated funds may be assigned methodically depending on the basis of institution i.e public/private/TVET sponsorship whereby either may be prioritized over the other.

Whichever the criteria used, you are required to exercise PATIENCE and wait for communication via email or SMS from Helb on the same.

Alternatively, you may reach out to Helb support via their official channels or visit Huduma centre for further assistance.


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