Loan Apps That Ask For Mpesa Statements [2023]


Ever since the advent of mobile loans, the uptake of digital credit has been on the rise in comparison to secured loans offered through conventional credit institutions.

This has largely been contributed through the ease of accessibility that requires borrowers to have the bare minimum eligibility requirements which include; be 18 and above years old, possess a smartphone as well as be an avid user of the Mpesa services.

However, there are additional factors that determine one’s ability in getting loan approvals as well as loan limits.

One such factor is the use of Mpesa statements in making loan decisions.

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An Mpesa statement is a document containing all financial transactions done through the Mpesa platform over a certain period.

How To Generate M-PESA Statement

Depending on the loan app, you will be required to submit an M-Pesa statement of a specific duration in-order to be considered for a loan limit increase.

To do this, follow the below procedure to generate your MPesa statement with these simple steps.

a) Dial *234# from your Safaricom SIM card
b) Select option 5: M-PESA information
c) Select option 1: M-PESA statement
d) Select option 1: Request statement
e) Select option 1: Full statement
f) Select duration for the M-PESA statement i.e
* Option 1: Current month
* Option 2: Previous month
* Option 3: Previous 3 months
* Option 4: Previous 6 months
* Option 5: Current year
* Option 6: Last 12 months
* Option 7: Last 2 years
* Option 8: Specific period
g) Enter recipient email address
h) Enter M-PESA PIN
i) Wait for M-PESA confirmation SMS containing the 6-digit code to open the generated M-PESA statement that will be sent to the email address indicated earlier.

Below are some of the loan apps that request for Mpesa statements to make loan decisions.


Stawika is a loan product by Stawika Capital Finance that advances mobile loans of between Ksh200 to Ksh70,000.

Applicants in need of Stawika loans need to first submit their Mpesa statements before they can even view their loan limits.

stawika mpesa statement request

The Stawika loan service is accessible via the Stawika loan app or via USSD *872#

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CreditHela loan app is provided by O-Stream CL that gives digital loans ranging from Ksh1,500 to Ksh80,000.

CreditHela users who would like to increase their loan limits are encouraged to upload their 3-month Mpesa statements via the CreditHela loan app.

credithela mpesa statement request

CreditHela loans are accessed through the CreditHela loan app downloaded from the Google Playstore.


Scoppe is a loan app provided by Paddy Micro Investments. Scoppe requires the Mpesa statement so as to determine an individual’s credit score.

scoppe mpesa statement request

The Scoppe loan app is available for download via the Google Playstore.

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Berry loans are offered by Finberry Capital at limits of Ksh500 to Ksh50,000. Berry clarifies that Mpesa statements are crucial to making lending decisions and thus users need to avail the document to them.

berry mpesa statement 1

How To Send M-PESA Statement To Berry App

Generate your 12-month M-Pesa statement using the procedure highlighted earlier and save it to your phone

Download and install the Berry loan app from the Playstore

Launch the berry app and click on ‘Apply Now’ tab

You will be required to upload your M-PESA statement

Tap on ‘Upload a File’

Locate and select the M-PESA statement that you downloaded and saved to your phone earlier.

Once successfully uploaded, the option to enter the 6 digit M-Pesa code to open the statement will be appear.

Go to your SMS confirmation messages to retrieve the code and input it in the required field

Proceed and click on ‘Submit’ and wait for feedback from Berry on your loan limit.


Kamoa is a marketplace that help users find the best loans available to them through building one’s digital credit profile and matching a borrower with the right loan from their panel of trusted lenders.

Loans ranging between Ksh500 and Ksh1.5 million are available from lenders on the Kamoa platform.

kamoa mpesa statement 1

How To Send M-PESA Statement To Kamoa App

Utilizing the earlier-discussed procedure, create your 24-month M-Pesa statement and download it to your phone’s storage

Install the Kamoa app by downloading it from the Playstore.

Launch the app and tap on the ‘Upload Your M-Pesa Statement’ section.

Tap on the upload icon then find and select the M-PESA statement previously downloaded and stored on your phone.

Enter the code received by SMS

Proceed and click on ‘Send’ then await response from the Kamoa team.


Zenka loan app by Zenka Digital provides loans ranging from Ksh500 – Ksh30,000 at flexible interest rates determined by loan amount as well as loan tenure.

zenka mpesa statement1

How To Send M-PESA Statement To Zenka Loan App

While 99% of Zenka applications are processed automatically, some applications may require M-Pesa statement for further review. To do this,

Use the process described previously to generate your 6-month M-Pesa statement

However, under the recipient address enter and confirm the new email address i.e

Enter M-PESA PIN and wait for M-PESA confirmation SMS containing the 6-digit code


Pezesha is a financial market place that connects investors to quality SMEs with loans of upto Ksh1,000,000 with flexible repayment options of 1-12 months.

pezesha statementHow To Send M-PESA Statement To Pezesha App

Generate your 6-month M-Pesa statement using the procedure highlighted earlier and save it to your phone

Download and install the Pezesha app from the Playstore

Tap on the ‘Score’ icon located at the bottom menu

Tap on ‘Improve My Loan Limit’ tab

Click on ‘Upload Financial Documents’

Under the Required Documents section, click on ‘Personal M-Pesa Statement’ to reveal the upload section

Click to Add File, locate the initially download M-Pesa statement and select it

Under the M-Pesa statement Password field, enter the 6 digit code sent to your phone by M-Pesa.


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