6 Clever Hacks To Instantly Increase Your Kamoa Trust Score [Tried & Tested]


Kamoa is an app that provides a marketplace that connects lenders with borrowers that match their profile using the Kamoa trust-score.

The trust-score is determined using various factors and acts as Kamoa’s way of determining your credit worthiness in regards to your loan eligibility, limit and overall approval.

Such factors that affect the Kamoa trust score either positively or negatively include; Data provided within the Kamoa app, completion of in-app quests, CRB status and timely loan repayments.

However, in order to become eligible for a credit limit in order to access a loan from the available lenders within the Kamoa platform, you are required to achieve a minimum trust level with Kamoa and to do this, there are specific elements that need to be focused on and they include;

1. Identity Verification

Kamoa uses a company called Smile Identity Inc for identity verification which basically involves matching your credentials to credible external government sources in Kenya.

For this Kamoa requires you to submit your national ID details which comprises both your ID number and serial number.

The above numbers are located on the top front of your national identity card as shown below.

ID Sample Kenya 2

Once obtained, proceed and input each number in its respective field within the Kamoa app and upon completion, click on ‘Verify your ID’

This action will direct you to the review page whereby you should ensure that your provided personal details accurately align with your national ID information before clicking on ‘Confirm’ to proceed to the next step.

Kamoa ID upload sections

Upon successful verification, you will receive a notification screen displaying the same.


In summary, completing the identity verification contributes to a higher Kamoa trust score.

2. Submission of Mpesa Statement

An MPesa statement is an official document generated by Safaricom that offers an overview of all transactions done within the MPesa platform in a given duration by an MPesa subscriber.

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The MPesa statement can significantly affect Kamoa trust score since it shows your financial history as well as your current financial situation in respect to your creditworthiness.

As such Kamoa, is among the loan apps that ask for MPesa statements and to submit it simply;

Generate M-Pesa statement

Click on the ‘Upload your MPesa statement’ option

Tap the upload icon located alongside the ‘Select your statement’

Once you have successfully uploaded your  statement, enter the 6-digit code needed to open the uploaded PDF. (Note: This code is usually provided via SMS by Safaricom)

Once completed, click ‘Send’ to complete the process.

kamoa mpesa statement 1

3. Marital Status

Your marital status can to some extent impact a borrower’s application in that lenders view married couples as more financially stable due to higher combined income and shared responsibilities thereby affecting loan approvals.

For Kamoa, there are six (6) options relating to marital status which include; Single, Living with partner, married, divorced, civil partnership & other.

To find out which option(s) affects the Kamoa trust score, we started with an initial Kamoa score of 136 and individually selected each of the above mentioned options.

Below are some of the findings based on the above experiment.

StatusInitial Kamoa ScoreFinal Kamoa Score
Living with partner136136
Civil partnership136141

In summary, choosing either married, divorced or civil partnership increases your Kamoa trust score.

4. Income Amount

The amount of income you bring in monthly either from employment or self employment plays a crucial role towards loan applications since it directly impacts your repayment ability through various factors including; 

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Debt-to-income ratio: refers to a metric used by lenders which factors in your debt obligations in relation to your monthly income which focuses on your ability to comfortably make repayments using your income without financial difficulties.

Therefore, higher income leads to lower DTI while lower income increases your DTI.

Risk assessment: High and consistent income levels reduce probability of loan default according to lenders and as such increases chances of loan approvals.

For Kamoa, you are required to enter your income amount and do so;

Tap on the ‘Money coming in’ option and fill out the entire employment section whereby you will input your income amount under the question;

How much money in total did you earn from this job in the last 30 days in Ksh?

In summary, a higher income amount in relation to your expenses increases your Kamoa trust score.

5. Expense Amount

Your monthly expenditure in relation to your income impacts your Kamoa trust score through various aspects which may include;

Affordability: high expenses with low income may affect your financial stability especially on loan repayments.

Discretionary income: refers to the amount of money left after paying necessities out of your disposable income. Minimal expenses that allow for sufficient discretionary income can be directed towards loan repayment.

For Kamoa, you are required to input your expenditure amounts and do so;

Tap on the ‘Money going out’ option and fill in the home and other expenses sections in relation to your monthly utilities, food & groceries, rent/housing, mobile & internet, debts, repayment amounts etc

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In summary, lower expense amounts in relation to your income increases your Kamoa trust score

6. Availability of other income sources

The availability of other sources of income can significantly affect your creditworthiness in various ways including;

Improved debt-to-income ratio: If you have more income than debt, your chances of loan approval is high while less income than debt minimizes chances of loan approvals.

Risk diversification: Multiple income streams reduce the risks of sudden financial distress such as job loss.

For Kamoa, you are required to state your status by;

Tapping on the ‘Money coming in’ option and scroll all the way to the bottom whereby you will encounter the question;

What other source(s) of income do you have besides your business or employment?

In each of the chosen options, you will be required to also input the income amount as per the question

How much money in total did you earn from this other source(s) of income in the last 30 days in ksh?

To find out which option(s) affects the Kamoa trust score, we started with an initial Kamoa score of 136 and individually selected each of the above mentioned options.

Below are some of the findings based on the above experiment.

In summary, the availability of other income sources  increases your Kamoa trust score.

Income sourceInitial Kamoa ScoreFinal Kamoa Score
Intnl remittances136137-139
Contributions from family & friends136137-139
Rental income136137-139
Pension/retirement scheme136137-139
Unemployment assistance136137-139
Disability assistance136137-139
Government relief/stipend136137-139

In summary, the availability of other income sources  increases your Kamoa trust score.


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