How To Reactivate A Dormant Equity Bank Account [2023]

how to transfer money from mpesa to equity bank account

Equity bank is a subsidiary of Equity group holdings PLC which is regarded as the largest financial services provider in East and Central Africa by customer numbers and assets with a total of over 14 million customers in the region and assets valued at over one trillion shillings spread across several countries among them Kenya.

According to statistics by Business Daily, the bank held the highest market capitalization of 136.8 billion thereby beating Kenya Commercial bank |(KCB) and Cooperative bank which held 123.4 and 73.6 billion respectively as at 31st Dec 2020.

The bank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to existing and potential clients across its 190+ branches nationwide with a portfolio base of deposit & loan products as well as transactional services conveniently offered through its digital channels.

Among its deposit catalogue, there include a variety of account types such as remittance, super junior, jijenge, business savings, call accounts, fixed deposits and current accounts which require specific documentation for membership.

However, certain accounts need to be active in order to avoid them being dormant which in the case of Equity bank, it usually takes about 12 months of inactivity i.e without transactions of either deposits or withdrawals.

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Fortunately, holders of dormant accounts are able to receive funds as well as check balances using either equitel lines or Eazzy banking app but cannot access them unless the dormant account is reactivated.

How To Reactivate Dormant Equity Bank Account (Locally)

In the event your Equity account falls dormant, you can reactivate it free of charge by visiting your nearest Equity branch with your national ID card and KRA pin certificate.

NOTE: Reactivation can only be done at an equity branch and NOT agent.

How To Reactivate Dormant Equity Bank Account Online (Diaspora)

For account holders living abroad with no access to an Equity bank branch, users can contact the diaspora team via this link

This option will require you to fill in your first & last name, email address, phone number, subject, incident type, product and category.


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