Equity Launches Universal Number For Contacting Customers

equity bank customer care

Equity bank which is among the tier 1 banks in Kenya which control almost 50% of the Kenyan banking sector market share, has recently undergone a major rebranding.

One particularly noticeable result of the rebranding is evident on its logo via the before and after comparison below.

equity bank rebranding

Another outcome of the rebranding is the recent launch of a universal number that will be used for all outbound communication to its customers and other external stakeholders.

Under Equitel’s main prefix ‘0763’ the universal number 0763 000 000 is aimed at promoting safety measures as well as improve customer experience.

The number will be easily identifiable as the official communication number with which Equity bank will use to communicate to customers .

However, customers can continue engaging the bank through its 24 hour contact centre numbers 100 or 0763 063 000

This comes at a time whereby online fraud has become rampant especially during the corona-virus period whereby consumers are encouraged to do digital transactions in-order to curb spread of the virus.


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