Kuwazo Gives Instant Limit Increase [Limited Offer]

kuwazo limit increase

Kuwazo has been one of the few apps that has still been giving out loans at the start of the corona virus pandemic when majority of the loan apps shied away due to fear of numerous defaulters.

This time, in a bid to build borrowers, Kuwazo is offering a new limit increase only available until the end of August.

This means that borrowers who repay their loans before August 31st may get a limit increase.

The lender relayed the good news via their Kuwazo official facebook page and also offered advise regarding maintaining credit limit through small repayments.

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This comes at a time when lenders are hesitant to increase loan limits due to the ongoing financial crisis occasioned by covid-19

Kuwazo loan app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.



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