Tala Offers Free Learning Course Via Its Loan App

tala loan app

Tala is constantly trying to set the pace in the digital loans sector by not primarily focusing on loans unlike other lenders.

As previously highlighted, unlike other lenders who completely neglected and denied loans during the initial stages of the Covid 19 pandemic, Tala was among the few apps that were very active.

During this period, Tala launched the Covid-19 rebuild fund which offered interest free loans to businesses offering essential services.

Another Tala initiative was the Tala Tiba insurance plan which offered a low cost hospitalization in-patient cover that provided a cash-back incentive.

In addition, it further rolled out a 4-plan strategy aimed at offering support amidst Covid-19 through flexible repayments, modified lending, supporting essential workers and providing trusted information.

Therefore, in a bid to provided trusted information, Tala decided to incorporate a resource center page into its own app.

The resource center provides informative articles on topics ranging from loans, savings and business.

Additionally, one can also join the Tala community which connects users to top Tala customers as well as get access to exclusive content.

To find the Tala loan resource center, download the Tala loan app, install and launch to the homepage.

At the bottom menu, click on the ‘Learn’ tab.

tala resource centre


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