Kuwazo Vows To Keep Offering Mobile Loans Amidst COVID-19

Kuwazo Loan

While some lenders are slowly running themselves out of business by denying borrowers loans during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kuwazo has vowed to keep their loan books open to borrowers.

This good news is a relief to borrowers who are stranded after majority of lenders shunned offering loans due to fear of potential defaults caused by the impacts of COVID-19.

Through a statement posted on their Facebook page, the lender assures borrowers that despite small delays during application, the team will be providing all the essential services borrowers have been enjoying through out.

Kuwazo Statement

Kuwazo loans range from Ksh500-Ksh30,000 at interest rates of between 14%-20% depending on loan amount with flexible repayment durations of 14, 21 and 28 days.

To apply for a loan, download the loan app from the Playstore.


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