Tala Kenya Now Offering Interest Free Loans


Tala COVID-19 Rebuild Fund

It seems that Tala has finally decided to give back to society by making use of the profits they made by charging high interests ranging from 5%-15% on their 21-day and 30-day loans.

Besides launching the COVID-19 4-plan strategy and the health insurance cover plan to support borrowers during pandemic, it has recently debuted the COVID-19 Rebuild Fund.

The fund’s purpose is to basically offer Tala customers who are small business owners  support loans of between Ksh30,000-Ksh50,00 at 0% interest for 6 months.

Such businesses should be involved in the provision of essential services such as food, water, health & medical services, critical household supplies, education, and logistics related to these services.

Tala further states that there will be more initiatives in the future to assist customers and their communities through provision of timely products and tools.



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  1. January 11, 2022

    […] pandemic, Tala was among the few apps that were very active.During this period, Tala launched the Covid-19 rebuild fund which offered interest free loans to businesses offering essential services.Another Tala initiative […]

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