Mobile Loan Apps That Are Multi-National



Normally, majority of companies and businesses are usually concentrated locally within their countries of origin.

However, there are those that break the boundaries in search of emerging markets in which to offer their products and services.

By doing so, they expand their footprints across various international markets and as a result broaden their revenue streams.

Below, we look at some of the providers of mobile loan providers who have branches across the globe.


Tala is the leading mobile technology and data science company committed to financial inclusion globally.

Millions of people have borrowed through Tala’s smartphone app, which provides instant, personalized credit to undeserved customers in East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Tala is backed by leading venture and impact investors including PayPal, Revolution Growth, IVP, and Lowercase Capital.

Tala is headquartered in Santa Monica and also has additional offices in:

  • Kenya
  • Philippines
  • México


Carbon is a simple, digital finances management platform that provides instant loans (to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs), payments (of bills for different services, fund transfers, airtime purchases), and investments.

Carbon is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and also has offices also in:

  • Kenya
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Okash, is an invention of OPay, the financial technology company that is part of the Opera Group.

It is a stand-alone mobile app that provides users access to short-term loans at their fingertips.

Okash is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and is also has offices in:

  • Kenya


Branch app is the brain-child of the company Branch International which aims to deliver world-class financial services to the mobile generation.

It does so through algorithmic approach to determine credit worthiness via customers’ smartphones.

Branch has its main office located in San Francisco, California, United States with worldwide locations in:

  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Nigeria
  • Mexico
  • India


L-Pesa is considered a global financial solutions product in mobile banking and micro-loans.

L-Pesa services were started with the knowledge that they could reach a significant number of mobile users with the intention of offering mobile users with access to their accounts so that they can move funds in and out of the country without the danger of loss during travel.

L-Pesa is headquartered in Tanzania but has additional branch locations in:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • India



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