In Loving Memory Of ‘Fallen’ Loan Apps

gravesite loan apps

There is nothing as disheartening as waking up to the discovery that the object you once held dear, is no longer available at your disposal.

Such reality stings far much worse when the previous bond cannot be replicated to existing bodies as a remedial solution to counter any eventualities.

This is the current situation that majority of borrowers encountered when they attempted to download their usual loan apps from the Playstore and in return were met with the below error message.

error message

What is even more baffling is that this occurrence has persisted for long periods ( 6+ months ) without any acknowledgement from the providers to the extent of their social media accounts being dormant for close to the same duration.

This has led many borrowers to speculate that the lenders might be operating under the guise of different entities or have closed shop and ceased offering loans.

Either way, some of these loan apps offered favorable loan terms compared to the current lot and it is indeed sad to see that some of them are not operational.

Below are the ‘fallen’ loan apps that are presently absent (pun UN-intended) from the Playstore.

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Note: At the time of publishing this article, these loan apps were not available in the playstore.

Berry ( Update: This app is now LIVE at the Playstore )

Berry loan app

Berry loan app was provided by Finberry Capital Ltd. The loan app had over 100K+ downloads with a 3.4 star rating and 3.3K+ reviews .

It offered loans ranging from between Ksh500 to Ksh50,000 at 8-15% interest rate to be repaid within 30 days.


shika loan app

Shika loan app was provided by Alternative Circle. Before its abrupt disappearance from the Playstore, it had garnered over 100K+ downloads as well as a 3.6/5 star rating with 1.2K+ reviews.

It approved loans from Ksh500 up-to a maximum of Ksh20,000 at a 15% fee to be repaid after 30 days.


kakitu loan app

Kakitu LLC came up with the Kakitu loan app which managed to get over 10K+ downloads as well as a 2.5/5 star rating with 400+ reviews.

Their loans were between Ksh3000 – Ksh10,000 with fee charges ranging from 5-30% depending on the loan tenure i.e 7% ( 2 days ), 14% ( 5 days ), 21% ( 14 days ) and 30% ( 25 days )


haraka loan app1

Haraka loan was a product of Getbucks Ltd that offered loans amounts from Ksh500-Ksh50,000 at interest rates of 23.45% to be repaid within 30 days from the loan disbursement date.




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