List Of Loan Apps That Allow The Extension Of Due Dates [2023]



Digital loans have become the most popular means of accessing credit here in Kenya due to the simplistic nature of their application and disbursement. Such loans are characterized by short repayment periods and high interest rates unlike conventional loans from credit institutions such as banks or Saccos.

It is for these reasons that the majority of borrowers usually find themselves either blacklisted by Crb due to loan default or facing harassment from lenders.

However, in a bid to give borrowers peace of mind when it comes to repayment, some digital lenders offer loan extension features in their apps that allow users to extend their due dates in the event that they do not have funds to make the repayment.

Other benefits of this feature is that the amount is never considered overdue, the extension is equal to the loan duration as well as the loan limit will not be affected as long as the borrower adheres to the extension conditions.

While not all loan apps offer the above option, below are the few that do.


Mokash offers loans up to Ksh 30,000 repayable within seven or fourteen days depending on the loan amount. If repayment is not done upon the due date, late loan repayments automatically incur a fee of 3% on the outstanding loan balance.

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To avoid the above penalties, one can opt to extend Mokash due date.

how to extend mokash loan period


Zenka loans have a maximum limit of Ksh 30,000 with loan duration of thirty days. Failure to make repayment at the due date attracts a penalty fee of 1% per day on the outstanding principal.

To evade such, click on ‘Need more time to repay’ tab and pick your repayment time between the options of 7,14 or 30 days.



Zash offers 7 or 14 day loans that can be repaid at once, on or before the due date. The 7 day loan starts at Ksh 800 to the first borrowers and can grow upto Ksh 50,000.

Failure to make Zash loan repayments in time will result in daily penalties of 2.5% of the borrowed amount.


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