3 Top Platforms To Report Digital Lenders In Kenya For Quick Action


The emergence of licensing and oversight of digital credit providers and a place tor report digital lenders in Kenya was as a result of public complaints regarding predatory practices of unregulated digital lenders in regards to personal data breaches, abnormal loan costs and unethical debt collection methods.

Consequently, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has come up with licensing requirements for the digital lenders to meet in-order to continue with their operations.

CBK Digital Lenders Licensing Requirements

1. Copy of certificate of incorporation
2. Copy of memorandum and articles of association of applicant and of any other corporate body with significant shareholding
3. Applicant’s registered physical address
4. Copy of constitutive documents of an incorporated body with significant shareholding
5. Description and independent assurance of technological systems in use
6. Description of platforms and deliver channels in use
7. Description of terms & conditions of credit facilities in use
8. Partnership agreement between network service provider an lender
9. Money laundering & terrorism financing policies and procedures
10. Data protection policies and procedures
11. Consumer redress & mechanisms policies and procedures
12. Sources of operation capital
13. Non refundable application fee
14. Names & addresses of shareholders
15. Pricing model and parameters
16. Credit policy, code of ethics and market conduct
17. Corporate governance policy
18. Sworn affidavit capturing all relevant signatories
19. Certificate of good conduct/tax compliance certificate/CRB clearance certificate for all shareholders

Digital Lenders Approved By CBK

The digital lenders that have successfully met the digital lending licensing qualifications and have been approved to provide said services include;

Jijenge credit

Jijenge credit is a non-deposit taking microlending company with clients spread out across Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

Jijenge credit deals in; logbook loans, asset financing, bid bonds, title deeds loans, import duty financing, salary check-off loans & insurance premium financing.

To apply for Jijenge credit loan, go to their website jijengecredit.com

Giando Africa Ltd (Flash Credit)

Flash credit is a salary advance provider in Kenya offering salary advance loans to employed individuals earning Ksh 30,000 and above  net salary amounts.

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To apply for flash credit salary advance loans, navigate to their website flashcreditafrica.com

Inventure Mobile ltd (Tala)

Tala is a digital financial services provider in Kenya that offers digital loans of up-to Ksh30,000 without any CRB checks.

Tala is also available in other countries such as Mexico, Philippines and India.

To apply for Tala loan, simply download the Tala app (Playstore /App Store)

Pezesha Africa Ltd

Pezesha provides a financial crowdfunding platform that connects investors to quality SMEs i.e Pezesha acts as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers by ensuring risk mitigation to both parties.

Pezesha is currently available in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana with future plans to enter Nigeria and Rwanda.

To apply for Pezesha loans go to pezesha.com

MyCredit Ltd

MyCredit is a credit-only finance institution in Kenya that offers credit products such as; bid/performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, business/salary/check-off loans, general/life/medical insurance, leasing asset financing, import duty financing etc

To apply for Mycredit loans, go to mycredit.co.ke


MyWagePay is an online salary advance provider in Kenya that offers salary advances to employed individuals.

The maximum salary advance attainable is ⅓ of one’s net salary with no prior CRB checks involved.

To apply for MyWagePay salary advance loan, dial *384*104# or download the MyWagePay app (Playstore) navigate to mywagepay.com

Ngao Credit Ltd

Ngao Credit is a non-deposit taking microfinance institution that offers quick, short-term financing solutions such as; logbook loans, jijenge business loans, asset financing, import finance,insurance premium finance, trade finance.

To apply for Ngao credit loans, dial *725# or go to ngaocredit.com

Jumo Kenya

Jumo Kenya is a Fintech company that partners with banks and mobile network operators to provide credit  products to consumers.

Jumo is available in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire.

To learn more about Jumo, navigate to jumo.world

Letshego Kenya Ltd

Letshego is a credit only microfinance institution in Kenya that provides credit facilities to SMEs as well as salaried individuals including civil servants.

Letshego offers payment, savings, personal/housing/payroll/agribusiness/LPO loans, medical/marine/endowment/motor insurance, salary check-off loans etc

Besides Kenya, Letshego is also available in several countries such as Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana,Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda,Tanzania and Uganda

To apply for letshego loans, dial *435# or go to letsgo.letshego.com

Kweli Smart Solutions Ltd (Smart Kiosk)

Smart Kiosk is a platform that provides personal/business loans to eligible businesses(kiosks) in Kenya enrolled in their platform.

To learn more, visit ksmart.tech

Sokohela ltd

Sokohela is a digital tools provider for SMEs dealing in agricultural products such as fruit vendors, groceries, fast-food eateries, cereal shops, food vendors etc

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The products and services provided by Sokohela include; short-term business loans, microloans and smartphone loans.

To apply for sokohela loan, visit sokohela.com

Zanifu Ltd

Zanifu is an inventory financing service tailored for MSMEs so as to fill cash flow gaps, purchase raw materials, maintain stock availability, continue business operations between seasons as well as access to financing without tying it to physical business assets.

Zanifu loans have a maximum limit of Ksh 500,000. To apply for Zanifu loans, dial *483*600# or visit zanifu.com

Tenakata enterprise ltd

Tenakata is a business tech platform aimed at empowering small businesses through financial data management, financial literacy support and access to finance through business loans and insurance.

Tenakata offers loan products like nawiri and inua biashara loans whereby to qualify for tenakata loans, a business owner needs to keep records via the Tenakata app.

To apply for tenakata loans, dial *384*00# or visit tenakata.com

Sevi Innovation Ltd

Sevi is a stock financing platform that enables corporate and MSME buyers and sellers to conveniently buy stocks on credit through the ‘Order Now, Pay Later’ option.

To register to the Sevi service, simply download the Sevi app

RewotCiro Ltd

RewotCiro Ltd is a Fintech company that operates an e-commerce platform for buying and selling of products in Kenya.

RewotCiro products include; goods on credit, group loans, mazao loans, salary advance, digital insurance etc

To apply for RewotCiro loans, simply download the RewotCiro app or navigate to rewotciro.co.ke

Mfs Technology

Mfs technology is a platform that enables consumers and businesses access to a variety of financial services through technology.

Some of the services offered include; customer & product management, mobile banking, loan management, insurance, payments, communications, agency banking, savings,goal & fixed deposits.

To get started, go to mfs.co.ke

M-Kopa Loan Kenya ltd

M-Kopa is a product financing option that deals in solar systems, smartphones, home upgrades, cash loans, hospicash etc. M-KOPA is available in Kenya as well as other countries like Ghana, Nigeria & Uganda

To apply for M-KOPA loans, dial *685# or learn more at m-kopa.com

Other approved digital lenders include;

Ceres tech ltd

GetCash capital ltd

Mwanzo credit ltd

Natal tech company ltd

Umoja fanisi ltd

Where To Report Digital Lenders In Kenya

According to the digital credit providers regulations provided by the CBK, a digital lender is not supposed to;

1. Use threats of harm/violence during debt collection
2. Use obscene language during debt collection
3. Post borrower’s personal/sensitive info online
4. Call/text borrower’s phonebook contacts during debt collection
5. Change terms & conditions without 30-day prior notification to borrower
6. Share customer info to 3rd party without prior consent from borrower
7. Forward borrowers to CRB with outstanding balances of less than Ksh1,000
8. Forward borrowers to CRB without prior 30-day notification to the borrower

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In the event that any lender breaches any of the above digital lender regulations, a borrower is at liberty to file a complaint with the necessary authorities so that legal action can be taken.

Below are official channels to report rogue digital lenders.

DLAK Portal

The Digital Lenders association of Kenya (DLAK) is an organization consisting of digital lenders with a common goal of setting ethical and professional standards in the digital lending & fintech sector.

The membership consists of digital lenders such as; finance plan, Kuwazo, L-Pesa, Okolea, Sotiwa, Stawika, Zenka, Tala, Asante, Berry, Branch, PesaZone, Quipbank, Senti, Ubapesa, Oye and Kopacent

In the event any of the aforementioned members breach any lender regulations in terms of debt collection practices, one can file a complaint via the DLAK portal.

ODPC Portal

The Office of Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) is a government office tasked with protecting personal data in Kenya through compliance, enforcement, public awareness and institutional capacity development.

Consequently, the office is able to

i. Address complaints by any person on possible infringement of one’s rights under the Data Protection Act
ii. Conduct investigations related to filed complaints
iii. Issue summons to parties involved in complaints for further explanations
iv. Implement fines/penalties on valid complaints

To report a digital lender in regards to personal data breach, simply navigate to the ODPC portal and fill in the complaints form. Alternatively, one can also send an email to info@odpc.go.ke


Another method to report digital lenders is via the apex office that issues licenses to the said digital credit providers i.e Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). To file a report, simply send an email to dcps@centralbank.go.ke

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