WhatsApp Trick To Reverse M-PESA Sent To Wrong Number 2023


It is no coincidence that Safaricom is the leading network provider in Kenya. Over the years, the provider has come up with brilliant innovations that sets it miles apart from other network providers.

From individual initiatives like M-PESA and Fuliza to collaborations like M-Shwari and KCB-MPESA, Safaricom is one of the most profitable companies in Kenya.

This is a fact backed up by Sector Statistics Report Q3 2019-2020 provided by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) showing the market shares in mobile subscriptions per operator.

Market Share Per Operator

Therefore, in-order to provide the ultimate customer experience to the largest number of customers, Safaricom is frequently engaging its research and development teams to come up with even more awesome innovations.

One of such, is the recent launch of Safaricom’s chat bot commonly referred to as Zuri.

The chatbot was introduced as a virtual chatbot assistant to access various Safaricom services including: Marketing Messages management, chargeable SMS services deactivation, Get PUK, chargeable SMS services, buying data bundles, airtime top up, Safaricom Home and the most popular M-PESA reversal.

Like the name suggests, M-PESA reversal refers to the process of undoing a particular transaction due to one reason or another but the most common one is due sending M-PESA funds to a wrong number.

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Although prior to the Zuri service, users could forward the M-PESA message transaction immediately to the Safaricom number 456 and wait for a response.

With Zuri, in-order to reverse M-PESA sent to wrong number via Whatsapp, one simply needs to open the Whatsapp application and send a message to +254 722 000 100 by simply typing and sending the below.

Hi Zuri, MPESA Reversal” followed by the MPESA transaction code/ copy paste the entire MPESA SMS.

You will then receive a response from Zuri regarding your request.


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