How To Apply Ugandan Passport Online 2023

Navigate to the Uganda DCIC Passport Portal

Click on the Start New Application button

Read and agree to the terms & conditions by selecting the checkbox and clicking on ‘Accept’


Fill out the mandatory fields with a red asterisk to generate an application ID which you can use for future reference.

The mandatory fields to be filled include phone number, security question & answer while email address field is optional

Afterwards, enter the text as per the displayed image then click ‘Save and continue’


In this section, you are required to indicate your passport type, type of application, priority, place of submission as well as place of collection.

Under the passport type, you are to choose from the three available options which include; ordinary (general Ugandans), diplomatic (Ugandan diplomats) and service/official (high level government officials)

For application type, you are to select your reason for application from the available list of possible reasons ranging from new application, renewal, change of details, damaged or lost.

For priority, you should indicate the passport urgency in terms of standard or express whereby standard costing UGX 250,000 and involves the passport process period of 10 working days while express costing UGX 450,000 takes 2 working days.

Under the place of submission, select the location in which you tend to submit your passport application from. This can either be regional or oversea consulate locations.

For place of collection, also select your preferred pickup point for your final generated passport.

Once done, click on ‘Save and continue’


This section focuses on your personal details, residential address as well as details of origin.

For personal details encompasses information such as surname/other names, telephone number, national ID number (NIN), card number, gender, date of birth, marital status, country/place of birth, profession/occupation and email address.

For Residential address, indicate your country of residence, district, county/municipality, sub county, parish/ward, village (LC1/Zone) and plot number

For details of origin, select your country, district, county/municipality, sub county, parish/ward, village (LC1/Zone), plot number, tribe, details of clan/generation of origin and name of descendant.

Upon completion, click on ‘Save and continue’

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This involves selecting your citizenship status either by birth, by registration or by naturalization.,

Citizenship by birth involves being born in Uganda with either parents being a Ugandan citizen

Citizenship by registration involves being legally acknowledged as a Ugandan citizen irrespective of nationality.

Citizenship by naturalization involves citizenship through lawful residence of Uganda for a continuous period of time and the understanding of the Ugandan customs and traditions.

For both registration and naturalization options, additional details such as citizenship certificate number, date of issue and indication of previous nationality are mandatory. Other crucial information include other passport numbers and date of renunciation of previous citizenship.

Note: physical copies of the certificates must be presented before the officer.

Upon completion, click on ‘Save and continue’


This section can only be filled upon indicating your marital status as ‘Married’ under the applicant section.

It involves providing your spouse’s details such as names, maiden name, date of marriage and place of marriage.

Note: If you have changed you name, attach evidence of change


This section requires both details of father and mother in terms of status (alive/deceased), names, date of birth, country of birth, place of birth, national identity number (NIN), country of residence, district, county/municipality, sub county, parish/ward, village (LC1/Zone), plot number, nationality and tribe.

Once done, click on ‘Save and continue’


Under this section, provide next of kin details in relation to names, telephone number, email address, NIN/passport number as well as their relationship to you.

Additional information include country, district, county/municipality, sub county, parish/ward, village (LC1/Zone) and plot number.

Once finalized, Tap ‘Save and continue’


This section involves the submission of a recommender’s details in terms of names, profession/occupation, address, NIN and phone number.

Upon completion, click on ‘Save and continue’


This segment entails the payment mode and bank to make payments to your passport application.

Currently, there exists two payment modes including online MasterCard/visa and over-the-counter bank payment which requires your selection of the payment bank from the list of choices provided.

Upon completion, click on ‘Save and continue’

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The final section calls for reviewing the whole application and making necessary amendments where applicable by clicking on the edit option available alongside each of the completed sections.

Upon verification of truthfulness and accuracy of the submitted information, proceed to acknowledge the same by selecting the checkbox then solving the captcha image provided.

Once completed, click on ‘Save and complete’

On the next screen, you will be directed to the payment and schedule appointment portal.

How To Pay For Ugandan Passport Online

Uganda passport payments can be done using various channels such as; mobile money, cheque, bank over-the-counter OR Point of Sale (POS)

Additional payment methods that may be provided by your bank include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), SWIFT or online payment i.e VISA MasterCard, Union pay, American express with : Orient, STANBIC and Barclays banks.

You can use any of the following banks of their choice once you have a PRN

  1. Bank Of Africa
  2. Bank Of Baroda
  3. Bank Of Uganda
  4. Barclays Bank
  5. Commercial Bank Of Africa Uganda Limited
  6. Cairo International Bank
  7. Centenary Bank
  8. Citibank
  9. DFCU Bank
  10. Diamond Trust Bank
  11. Eco Bank
  12. Equity Bank Uganda Limited
  13. Exim Bank Uganda Limited
  14. Finance Trust Bank Limited
  15. Gtbank
  16. Housing Finance Bank
  17. KCB Bank Uganda
  18. NC Bank Uganda Limited
  19. Orient Bank
  20. Post Bank Uganda Limited
  21. Pride Microfinance Uganda Ltd
  23. Standard Chartered
  24. Tropical Bank Ltd
  25. United Bank For Africa

To make payment, print the passport application payment advice form and proceed to make payments in the bank.

Alternatively, you can make online payments by clicking on the payment link in order to access the URA portal

Ensure the payment registration number(PRN) is similar to the one indicated in the passport application portal.

Select your preferred bank in which you would like to make payment i.e GTBANK/UBA/Stanbic

Proceed to click on continue located under the ‘Make payment’ menu  to be redirected to the selected bank’s web page to complete the payment process.

Upon successful payment, return to the passport application portal and proceed to either print the application form or schedule an appointment for Ugandan passport.

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How to Schedule An Appointment For Ugandan Passport

Once you have successfully applied and paid for your Ugandan passport, there are two options with which to schedule an appointment.

a) Via payment & schedule appointment portal

This alternative is accessible upon completion of reviewing and submission of your passport application upon which you will be automatically directed to it.

b) Via dashboard

This option is available on the portal’s main dashboard under the ‘Schedule Appointment’ menu.

Both of the above options will lead to the below page requiring the application number, date of birth and surname.

To retrieve your application number simply return to the payment and schedule appointment portal whereby your application number will be indicated.

Otherwise, you can also tap on the ‘Click to Print Application’ button to download the form whereby your application number will be indicated.

Input the application number, birth-date, surname then solve the captcha and tap on ‘Retrieve’ button.

Note: Scheduling of appointments is only possible upon payment of the pending PRN before their 21-day expiry period.

How to check status of passport in Uganda


Documents required for passport application in Uganda

All Applicants

Uganda National ID

Colored passport photo on white background

Recommendation letter and recommender ID copy

Documents supporting your profession

Make payments as described in the fees structure



Old Passport

Lost Passport Replacement


Police Letter

Payment of fine of 100,000 Shs for the loss of passport

Getting a Passport for a minor (under 18)

Birth Certificate

Parents National IDs

Any of the parents copy of Passports (Bio Data page and page 45)

Letter of consent from the parents

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