How To Renew UK/British Passport In Kenya [2023]

Lylyane Kim

How To Renew British Passport In Kenya [2022]

British passports are internationally  recognized travel documents accorded to British nationalities with the aim of gaining entry to various countries since it acts as a form of proof of citizenship as long as it is valid.

The validity period of a British passport varies depending on when it was acquired. For example, British passports with 10-year validity period are reserved for individuals who obtained them at the ages of 16 years or older while passports with 5-year validity period are for those that obtained them at 15 years of age or younger.

Nonetheless, British passports require renewal upon lapse of the expiry period or exhaustion of the travel pages failure to which travel is prohibited to holders of expired passports.

Luckily, British passport renewals can be done in any part of the world as long as the necessary identification and verification documents are available.

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For instance, British nationals in Kenya seeking to renew their passports from within the country can easily do so by following the below laid out procedure.

Go to the Overseas British passport renewal portal

Click on the ‘Start Now’ button and accurately answer the required questions which include;

i) Do you live in the UK? ( If answer is No, use the drop-down menu to choose your current country of residence and for this instance, choose Kenya )
ii) Provide date of birth  ( Date should be in the format DD/MM/YY )
iii) Have you had a UK passport before? ( Select Yes, since your application is for a renewal )
iv) Is your passport lost or stolen?
v) When was your passport issued? ( Date should be in the format DD/MM/YY )
vi) Which is your passport issuing authority?

UK/ British Passport Renewal Process In Kenya

In order to renew a UK/British passport in Kenya, there are laid down procedures that make the process simple and efficient as outlined below. To begin the renewal process,

Download the UK/British passport renewal application form and fill in the required relevant sections below;

Section 1: Passport type
Section 2: Passport ownership details
Section 3: Details of previous & current held passports
Section 4: Parent’s details
Section 5: Certificate of Registration/Naturalization details
Section 6: Signature of children aged between 12-15
Section 7: [Intentionally blank] Section 8: Additional information
Section 9: Declaration
Section 10: Counter Signatory

Below are some of the details required in each of the above steps.

Section 1: Passport Type

This section requires you to choose whether your passport application is for a renewal, first applicant, replacement, extension or amendment.

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Section 2: Passport Ownership Details

This section entails all your personal details such as title, full names, current address, country, postcode, date of birth, gender, town & country of birth, mobile phone number and email address.

Section 3: Details Of Previous & Current Held Passports

This section requires the passport number of previously/currently held passports.

Section 4: Parent’s Details

Provide your parents’ details such as full names, town & country of birth, date of birth, nationality/citizenship at time of applicant’s birth, passport numbers including date of issue.

Section 5: Certificate Of Registration/Naturalization Details

Provide the certificate number,  date as well as the place of issue

Section 6: Signature Of Children 12-15 Years

Just as the title suggests, this section requires child’s signature 

Section 7: [Intentionally blank]

Section 8: Additional Information

Section 9: Declaration

This section is a declaration confirming that all the information you have provided on the form is true and it is a criminal offence to make a false statement to obtain a passport.

A name, signature and date is required.

Section 10: Counter Signatory

This section requires your reference who can ascertain that all the information is accurate. For this, state your referee’s title, full names, profession, employer’s name, post code, phone number as well as current passport number.

UK/ British Passport Renewal Charges In Kenya

Different charges are incurred depending on the passport page count whereby for;

34-page adult standard passport attracts passport fee of £95.50 and Courier fee of £115.36
50-page adult frequent traveler passport fee of £105.50 and courier fee of £125.36

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Payment is done by completing the UK/British passport renewal payment form which requires details such as;

– Your name & date of birth
– Payment mode (Mastercard. Visa, Electron, Diners Club, JCB )
– Card & Security number
– Card expiry date & validity
– Payment amount of application & courier fees
– Cardholder’s name, address, email address, phone number and signature

Documents Required For UK/British Passport Renewal In Kenya

Upon completion of the application & payment forms, proceed and attach all the required documents which include;

1. Duly filled UK/British passport renewal application form
2. Duly filled UK/British passport renewal payment form
3. Two (2) recent identical photos
4. Current British passport
5. Full color copy of uncancelled passports
6. Identity documents e.g. national identity card/Visa/Residence permit/tax record/educational record/employment record/medical card/voter’s card/immigration documents etc

Proceed and send the application to the below address

HM Passport Office
Freeman’s Reach
United Kingdom

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