Consequences Of Being Listed With CRB In Kenya In 2023


Financial discipline is an area that not many people have the privilege of mastering. It embodies an individual’s fate of either being financially free or debt ridden for life.

For the unfortunate recipients of the latter, CRB is usually the final destination and its effects are mostly felt instantly.

Below, we look at some of the consequences of being listed by CRB.

Denial of subsequent loans

The primary objective of CRB institutions in Kenya is to blacklist defaulters thereby hindering any efforts of them obtaining future loans unless their outstanding amounts are settled.

This is effectively done through sharing of an individual’s credit profile with credit institutions to be used in making their lending decisions.

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Risk of auction

For one to get listed by CRB, it is usually as a result of a particular loan being labelled as non-performing for a consistent duration of time. This simply implies that the borrower did not attempt to make any partial repayments during the loan’s tenure.

For secured loans, this might force the lender to initiate debt recovery procedures that may involve auctioning of the borrower’s assets whereas for unsecured loans, lenders may adopt several tactics.

Decrease in credit score

A credit score’s definition according to Wikipedia, refers to a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person’s credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual.

It is typically represented through a color coded chart indicating an individual’s risk level whereby red signifies a high default risk while green is the reverse.

Prolonged CRB blacklisting generally results in the decline of one’s credit score.

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Loss of employment opportunity

In job postings, there are particular employers who list a CRB Clearance Certificate as one of the job’s requirements especially for civil servant positions.

Being blacklisted by CRB as a job seeker automatically disqualifies one from any future prospects of being a government employee.

Default record archived for 5 years

If you have ever been a resident of CRB even for a single day, the record of your default will remain accessible on your credit profile for the next 5 years.


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