How To Fix Paypal Code Not Showing On Statement [2023]


PayPal is arguably one of the most popular and secure platforms for online transactions that involve buying and selling of services or commodities.

However, its popularity is equally marred with instances of frustrations encountered by its users ranging from its inaccessibility to some countries to seemingly ‘random’ account limitations.

While PayPal has itself outlined the most common reasons for limiting accounts, most PayPal account holders hold the perception that the list is somehow not exhaustive since they face account limitations even without breaking any of PayPal’s rules.

Fortunately, PayPal also provides remedies to implement in-order to regain full functionality of limited accounts as well as prevention measures to avert any future instances of the same.

One such measure involves the verification of accounts either via bank account or debit/credit cards.

It so happens that I was looking to verify my PayPal account in-order to break my $500 per month spending and withdrawal limit imposed by PayPal on unverified accounts.

Due to my local bank account not being supported by PayPal (I am Kenyan), I had no option but to go the card verification route.

Since I had already added my debit card , I proceeded to link it with Paypal.

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Unfortunately, I ran into an error stating ‘Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions’

Luckily, I breezed through this minor setback thus allowing Paypal to make a small charge to my card.

According to Paypal, this transaction is supposed to leave behind a 4-digit code alongside the name PAYPAL or PP that should reflect on the online card statement within minutes.

I gave it around 10 minutes before I generated my online statement but to my amazement, the Paypal charge was on my statement but the code was nowhere in sight.

IMG 20210908 114109 002

I decided to dig deeper into the internet and I found out that this was a much common scenario especially with debit cards and the only answer(s) I found was that it took around 2-3 business days for the codes to appear.

The charge to my card was done on 30/08/2021 so I reckoned that by 3/09/2021, I would have my codes.

When I generated my statement on the said date and still no codes were in sight, my frustrations began to kick in. I would do this each and every single day hoping that it was just a system delay that would soon regularize but to no avail.

On 8/09/2021, I decided to give my bank a call and inquire if they could see any 4-digit code from Paypal from their end.

After a few minutes of the bank verifying my identity, I was surprised when my bank issued me the codes. I hurriedly logged into Paypal, keyed them in, clicked on ‘Confirm’ and VOILA!



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