5 Simple Ways To Get NSSF Number Online In 2023


Forgetting one’s NSSF number is one of the most common scenarios faced by NSSF members. Besides being printed on the NSSF card which may at times get misplaced/stolen, there are several other methods with which one can use to get NSSF number online without necessarily having to visit any of the NSSF branches.

Such methods include;

1. How To Get NSSF Number Via SMS/USSD Code

How To Get NSSF Number Via SMS/USSD CodeDial *303#
Select option 5: Check your NSSF number
Enter your ID number
Enter year of birth
You will receive a notification detailing your membership info including your name, NSSF number and contribution amount.

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2. How To Get NSSF Number Via NSSF Statement

The NSSF number can also be obtained by checking NSSF statement

3. How To Get NSSF Number Via NSSF Mobile App

How To Get NSSF Number Via NSSF Mobile AppDownload, install and launch the NSSF Mobile app [ Playstore ] Enter your phone number
Enter the 4-digit code sent via SMS to the above mobile phone number
Set your 4-digit PIN
Tap on ‘Member Services’
Tap on ‘My Account Information’
Your details will be displayed including name, NSSF number as well as ID number

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4. How To Get NSSF Number Via WhatsApp Bot

How To Get NSSF Number Via WhatsApp BotDownload, install and launch WhatsApp app [ Playstore / Appstore ] Proceed to complete registration for your phone number
Save the NSSF contact number 0704 303 303 in your phonebook contact list
Open WhatsApp and click on the ‘green message’ icon located at the bottom right
Tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu located at the top right
Click ‘Refresh’ to update the contact list
Search for the NSSF contact and text the word ‘Hi’
You will receive an automated response with a variety of NSSF options to choose from
Select option 1: Member services
Enter your 4-digit PIN
Select option 1: My Account information
Select option 1: Member info
You will receive a summary detailing your name, NSSF number and ID number

5. How To Get NSSF Number Via Social Media

One other effective method to get NSSF number online is through social media.
This can be done by sharing your full name and ID number to any of NSSF official online pages which include;
NSSF official Facebook
– NSSF official Twitter
Note: For privacy and security reasons, do NOT share your information publicly on their timeline but instead sent a direct message to any of the above channels.


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