5 Simple Ways To Check Your NSSF Contributions In 2023!

NSSF is a national pension scheme that is geared towards a sustainable retirement through monthly contributions made by both members in formal and informal sectors of employment.

Such contributions proceed to accrue interest upon which can be accessed either upon retirement age or unemployment by the member either in lump sum or partial depending on the circumstance.

To check NSSF contributions, one can use any of the below methods

1. How To Check NSSF Statement Via SMS/USSD Code

Dial *303#
Select option 1: Member services
Enter your PIN
Select option 2: Contributions info
Select either:
Option 1: Provisional contributions summary
You will receive an SMS containing your membership contributions as at the date of request. The summary will include standard amount, voluntary amount, interest and total amount.
Option 2: Email contributions statement
You will receive an email attachment containing a detailed summary of your contributions such as; NSSF number, date of birth, ID number, registration date etc

2. How To Check NSSF Statement Via M-Pesa App

Download, install and launch the M-Pesa app [ Playstore / Appstore ] Enter your mobile phone number to receive OTP via SMS
Enter the 4-digit OTP received and click ‘Verify’
On the app’s dashboard, click on ‘Member services’
Select ‘Statement’ menu
Enter the email address you want the statement to be sent to and click on ‘Submit’

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3. How To Check NSSF Statement Via NSSF Mobile App

Download, install and launch the NSSF Mobile app from the Playstore
Proceed to enter your mobile phone number and input the 4-digit code received via SMS
Set your PIN to be used for all future logins to the app
Tap on ‘Member services’
Click on ‘Contributions info’
Your contribution statement will be displayed

4. How To Check NSSF Statement Via Whatsapp Chatbot

Download, install and launch Whatsapp [ Playstore / Appstore ] Register your phone number
Save the NSSF contact number 0704 303 303 and text ‘Hi’
You will receive a response containing various NSSF service options.
Enter option 1 for Member services
Input your 4 digit PIN
Enter option 2 for Contributions information
You will receive an attachment containing your NSSF statement

5. How To Check NSSF Statement Via Email

Another viable option to receive your NSSF contribution statement is by requesting via email. To do this, simply send an email containing your full name and ID number to the NSSF official email address info@nssfkenya.co.ke


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