How To Activate An Inactive Safaricom Line [2023]


How To Activate An Inactive Safaricom Line

Much like document numbers relating to national ID cards, passports or alien IDs, personal mobile phone numbers also provide a sense of identity especially if they are of first acquisition.

This identification factor is what prevents users from replacing them with different numbers, therefore preferring to renew lost/stolen lines or to activate inactive ones.

In Kenya, the majority of active sim cards are subscribed to the Safaricom network hence its large market share in the telecommunications sector.

However, there are instances whereby the network provider may choose to suspend or disconnect active Safaricom lines.

Such circumstances include;

  • Illegal usage of calls/sms/data services that may portray nuisance, abuse, hoax, threats or indecency.
  • Fraudulent means to recharge one’s account.
  • Cases of loss of equipment through theft.
  • Modification of equipment that may cause damage/interference with the normal operations or security of the network.

How Long Does Safaricom Sim Card Line Take To Expire And Be Deactivated?

There are instances whereby deactivation of a Safaricom line may not be as a result of negative causes.

One such case is when a subscriber’s account has been inactive for a period of 120 days after the end of the validity period of the last recharge.

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The validity period can be viewed when checking one’s credit balance via *144# as shown below.

safaricom balance check

How To Activate An Inactive Safaricom Line [2022]

To Activate an inactive Safaricom line may be as simple as recharging one’s account.

However in the event upon expiry of one’s account, reactivation may be done through the submission of one’s full names, ID number, M-PESA balance as well as an alternative number for communication purposes with Safaricom customer service.


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