How To Grow Eazzy Loan Limit [2023]


Eazzy loan is a mobile loan facility offered by Equity bank that provides 1-12 month loans for amounts up to 3 million.

Gaining access to eazzy loan requires one to possess an active equity account for a minimum period of 6 months upon which one can make an application either via eazzy app, equitel or *247#

Upon application, users are usually assigned various limits ranging from zero up to the maximum loanable limit.

The limit allocation process is often system based and is dependent on various factors related to the owner’s account.

Below, we look at some of the determinants that assist borrowers access eazzy loans if the limit is zero and also how to grow your eazzy loan limit.

Frequency of transactions

This refers to the number of times transactions are undertaken within a certain period such that the higher the transaction frequency, the higher the possibility to increase the loan limit.

Repayment history

Timely repayments made to Equity or other lenders have a positive effect on future loan limits whereby repayments done on due dates attract a higher chance of receiving future loan increments.

CRB rating

Having a negative listing on CRB diminishes the likelihood of getting approved of an eazzy loan let alone to grow eazzy loan limit. Therefore, it is advisable to clear any outstanding loans with Equity or other lenders so as to regain a positive listing on CRB.

Number of Accounts

Depending on the number of accounts one has with Equity bank, each one will be designated a loan limit relevant to any of the above mentioned factors. For that reason, it is appropriate to channel all sources of income to a single account so as to increase the chances to grow eazzy loan limit.


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