Top 20 vital security tips every iPhone User must know!


Top 20 vital security tips every iPhone User must know!



In my opinion, owning an iPhone (especially the latest model) nowadays elevates one to a near god-like status and automatically affords the holder an all access pass to any of the online worldwide cult-like forums featuring lovers of the device from various walks of life.

I must admit owning such a device does not come cheap evident from the ridiculous price tags that come with all Apple products. However, the price tags are a clear indication that Apple does not negotiate when it comes to quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, everybody wants to own an iPhone regardless of the crystal clear barrier of the income bracket it imposes to some of those with not-so-deep pockets. However, this offers no deterrence to those with the willful mind of ancient ninjas who are ready to relieve you of ownership of your Apple device at the slightest ounce of opportunity they get.

So if you are a proud owner of an Apple device (especially the iPhone) I salute you and here are a few tips to retain the ownership of your device just a tid bit longer.

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Just try ‘em, feel free to thank me later.

Enable Passcode Lock

The passcode is a set of 4 digits that act as a barrier between contents stored inside the iPhone and those who want to access it. It is usually disabled by default so turning it ON would be a good beginning to fortifying your iPhone.

To enable the Passcode, just navigate to:

Settings > General > Passcode Lock > ‘Turn Passcode ON’

You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit code twice and then you are set to go.

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