9 Tips You Should Consider When Searching For A Rental House



At some point in our lives, circumstances will force us out of the comfort zone of our guardians’ homes in pursuit of individual interests.

Therefore, we should be ready to move out and search for our own places of residence. Below, we look at some tips you should consider when opting for rental houses.

1. Security

This should be the top-most priority when house hunting. Research should be conducted to determine crime prone areas in terms of muggings, car jackings, murders, house-breaking, drug trafficking etc

2. Availability of Water

Water is an essential life necessity that should never be taken for granted. Besides its much emphasized importance in the human anatomy, it can also be used to keep our general surrounding clean.

Failure to factor in this precious commodity may lead to exposure to future expenses in terms of reliance on water vendors.

3. Cleanliness

Cleanliness generally revolves around some sort of water usage in terms of washing, scrubbing, bathing, flushing etc. Maintaining a clean environment also helps avert disease outbreaks.

4. Affordability

No matter how enticing a property is, we are only limited by the strength of our pockets.

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Most convenient rental properties that avail all the above mentioned usually come at a higher price tag and at times, we are forced to forego one ‘luxury’ for the next.

Furthermore, renting a property that is beyond one’s own means is a sure recipe for future disaster.

5. Agency run or Individual run

Most rental owners opt to engage agencies in the running of said rentals due to the convenience of collecting rental income.

However, such agencies turn out to be nightmares for tenants due to their strictness in handling property issues like rent payment delays or deposit re-imbursement during relocation.

6. Type of tenants

This is a fairly ignored factor that ultimately plays a major role in the duration of one’s rental occupancy.

Rentals with a high number of student occupants tend to be noisy with loud music compared to units with employed occupants.

7. Structural efficiency

This should be a no brainer since most unworthy buildings are usually marked with an X or something to notify unfitness for human habitation.

Also physical anomalies like cracks or nearness to riparian areas should govern one’s decision when house hunting for rentals.

8. Social amenities

Some rentals offer communal amenities like toilets or ablution blocks where tenants can share. In some cases, some landlords may even allow sharing of electricity meters whereby tokens are purchased communally.

Such sharing may at times infringe on personal privacy or lead to conflicts.

9. Noise

Noise can be categorized into two i.e internal and external. Internal noise elements may include loud music from tenants while external noise elements may arise from nearby social joints like bars or clubs as well as churches that play loud music inconsiderately.


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  1. Bilha Okungu says:

    thanks for the tips that came at the right time.a time that I’m almost out of my parents house

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