12 Simple security tips every android user must know!


In my opinion, the Android platform has got to be the most popular operating system dedicated to a variety of handheld devices namely the Smartphones and tablet gadgets designed for the average user to the sophisticated tech junkies worldwide.

Its popularity evidently characterized by its open source nature and its embracement of both market extremes in catering to both low end and high end consumers. Unlike its competitors, the Apple’s ios and RIM’S Blackberry OS which solely cater for those with deep enough pockets, it has managed to curve a niche into the much appraised Smartphone arena and has somehow acted as a ‘savior’ to those consumers who require the services of a reliable Smartphone yet face budget constraints to that effect.

It is by this easy availability and affordability that sometimes quality and security may at times be sidelined in-order to cater for the lower market segment. Consequently, this has resulted in the manipulation of certain security flaws in which hackers/anyone with ill intentions may gain illegal access to your device and attain identity theft.

Nonetheless, this should not deter anyone form embracing the android platform especially those individuals owning cheap, low end Smartphones . Just by following the below tips, you can afford your android device the comfort and security of an impenetrable fortress.

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Just try them, feel free to thank me later.

Enable Screen lock

The screen lock is the premier security option that barricades unauthorized users from accessing the contents of your android device or performing various tasks with it. It is a vital yet under looked security feature that comes disabled by default with every android device.

To enable it, go to:

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