The Evolution Of Mobile Loan Apps



Transition is a phase of life that is inevitable. This is equally true in the business world whereby relevancy takes high priority towards a business’ success or failure.

Consequently, in a bid to maintain the competitive edge, companies may opt to undergo re-organization once in a while for one reason or the other.

These changes could be as simple as alterations on the logo color or complex through an entire overhaul of business structure as long as the desired result is accomplished.

Below, we look at some mobile loan lenders who underwent transformation

1. Mkopo Rahisi to Tala


Tala is regarded as one of the pioneering loan apps that was around way before the rest of the loan apps present today.

It initially started out as Mkopo Rahisi with its logo being the names as they are with a ladder forming the letter H enclosed in a green background.

Later, the logo was changed to blue but still retaining its original names.

A few years later, it was rebranded to Tala with its logo resembling a drum and a star morphed into a circle which captures the sense of community and inclusivity according to its founder Shivani Siroya.

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2. Timiza Barclays (Blue) to Timiza ABSA (Red)

timiza blue-horz

Timiza is a loan product that was initially provided by Barclays. Its logo were the letters Timiza in white enclosed in a sky-blue background.

After Barclays sold most of its shares back to ABSA, the entire blue Barclays Bank brand was later changed to the Red ABSA brand that it is today.

Likewise, the Timiza loan app adopted the change and nowadays the letters Timiza in white are enclosed in a Red background.

3. Mkopo Kaka to Umba

MKvsUumba Comparison

Umba loan app is a product of Umba. It initially started out as Mkopo Kaka with its logo being the initials MK

Nowadays, its logo is the letters Umba with a tiny curve underneath the letter U


CBAvsNCBA Comparison

CBA LOOP was previously a product of Commercial Bank Of Africa (CBA).

However, due to a merger with NIC bank which would ultimately propel the duo to be ranked third in terms of assets in comparison to Tier- 1 banks such as Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Equity bank.

The result of the merger brought forth a new brand by the name NCBA and therefore NCBA LOOP which changed its logo from colorful to the standard green it is today.

5. Branch (Blue) to Branch (White)

branch logo-horz

While branch logo has a subtle change, it is still noticeable to day-one users of the branch loan app.

Previously, the logo had the letters Branch written in white with a tiny blue branch symbol at the top against a blue background.

Currently, it is the reverse of the above.

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6. Haraka (Orange) to Haraka (Blue)


Haraka loans are provided by Getbucks Pty Ltd. Initially, the Haraka logo was accentuated with an orange color but nowadays, it has adopted a greenish color scheme.




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