Zenka Disables Their Loan Ussd Feature

zenka loan app

Zenka seems to be gradually acquiring a really dodgy character if sentiments made by a section of its users are anything to go by.

First and foremost, Zenka regards itself as one of the most flexible personal loan platforms available in the Kenyan market in addition to having a simple registration and application process which after a positive approval decision, loans are sent straight to one’s M-Pesa account.

However, Zenka’s loan approval rate seems to be declining massively ever since the beginning of the global pandemic in the year 2020 which has also spilled over to 2021.

Ever since the lender resumed posting on its facebook page after a 5-month hiatus, borrowers have flooded its comments section with very negative statements ranging from app log-in problems to persistent loan denials which the lender has in the past attributed to system algorithms.

Lately, the lender has also added to its borrowers’ misery by disabling their *841# ussd feature with the reason that they want all their clients to have the best user experience via their Zenka android app

zenka ussd app disabled







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