Now you see me, Now you Don’t!

egg on car winshieldA new trick being employed by car jackers is the use of eggs. Yeah, you read it right!! and No! i don’t mean that they find ways to sell you eggs but i mean they throw them at you!

pppppppfff! you might sigh! ”Who the hell is afraid of eggs??? maybe rotten ones but all in all, eggs don’t do any harm besides cloaking one in an oozy hen by-product” you say

Well, the eggs are actually thrown at you while you are at the comfort of your steering wheel. Their main aim is to temporarily block your vision by tossing them at your windscreen.

Easy! you may decide to turn on your wipers or sprays but this will only make matters worse since doing so will spread the gooey mess all over your windscreen.

So what should i do??? you may ask.

Simple, just drive the hell out of there till you reach a safe spot to clean up the mess


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