To help or not to help!


WARNING: These are REAL incidents that have happened to people. We choose to place you as the main character so as to show you how easy it is to fall prey to such circumstances.
Remember ROLES CHANGE, SKILLS EVOLVE but SCRIPT remains SAME. So IGNORANCE of the probability of such occurrences ever happening to you is entirely at your own DISCRETION.<

As humans, we naturally possess certain traits that ultimately set us apart from the other animal species. Such traits span different aspects and circumstances of our daily lives thereby affecting us in various ways.

However, the traits that this post is specifically concerned with are the elements of sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is defined as the ability to acknowledge a person’s emotional hardships and provide comfort and assurance while empathy is the ability for one to understand what someone else is feeling because you have experienced it yourself or can put yourself in their shoes.

Despite the positive aspects attributed to the above mentioned traits, they also exhibit the characteristics of a two (2) sided coin meaning that they can either be a point of strength or a point of weakness.

It is the element of weakness that fraudster(s) mostly exploit in-order to swindle unsuspecting victims.

Take the below scenario for instance;

You are walking down a path and you spot what seems like a motorcycle on its side on the ground a few meters ahead of you. As you draw nearer you catch sight of a person pinned underneath the motorcycle and he looks like he may be unconscious due to the stagnant state of his body.

You draw nearer and nearer until you are just an arm’s length of the motorcycle. You crouch beside the motorcycle to try and ascertain the fate of the rider and to your relief, the rider is still breathing.

You step aside to lift the bike off the guy and as you heave the machine with both hands, a hand quickly tackles you and violently rummages through your trouser pockets. You are momentarily startled and drop the bike to ward off the intruder.

As you are busy wrestling with him, another assailant joins in and you are overpowered. As you are thrown to the ground, you catch sight of the ‘injured’ victim participating in your flogging.

Within the blink of an eye, you are curled up in a foetal position on the ground as you see two men on a motorcycle racing into the distance.

Modus Operandi (Mode of Operation)

1) A motorcycle is chosen for the operation due to the ability to make a quick escape.

2) The scenario was staged whereby the accomplice of the ‘injured’ victim was waiting for an opportune time to strike.


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