Hands off (Part 1)


matatu1We all love where the Kenyan transport system has come from. Gone are the days of plain, old, weather beaten, creaky mini buses and fast forward to today, we got the freshest, hippest, mobile discos in town. Some even rock large plasma screens that most of us don’t even own at our homes.

From the wicked graffiti to the custom body-works, it is evident that the ‘matatu’ has invested in creativity and money to that effect.

With the awesomeness displayed by these ‘matatus’ coupled with the crazy swag rocked by most of the conductors manning them, it sure is a magnetic sight that draws a lot of passengers to them.

Such places are breeding grounds for thieves and con artists. One trick employed is the use of obstruction tools. Someone may board the ‘matatu’ with a ridiculously large x-ray envelop and place it right above your lap. Being the kind citizen that you are, you are oblivious of the trick at play.

Such obstructive tools as newspapers, envelopes, large bags are just decoys to aid in their evil plan of relieving you of your pocket’s items. So next time you sit near someone with likes of the above, keep vigilante!!!


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